30 Personal Finance Bloggers Lose 142 Pounds!

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Blogger Weight Loss Challenge Concludes

The Challenge was the brain child of Baker from Man Vs. Debt.

I am lucky enough to have the pleasure of talking with Baker on a regular basis, and because I know there are a lot of other people eagerly following his adventure I thought it only right to get a few words directly from the man himself.

Despite being crazy busy hopping from continent to continent, growing MVD, and working on intense projects at both Get Rich Slowly and Wisebread… always willing to contribute, Baker jumped at the chance and had this to say:

When I first announced the Personal Finance Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge in late May, I was only hoping that I could stir up at least 10 other bloggers who would want to join.  Over the next couple of days, I was shocked at the number of people who were excited to particpate!  Within a week the number had climbed to 30!

Initially, I thought a friendly “competition” would be an amazing way to not only pile on accountability, but to also strengthen ties within the great blogging community we have!  So many of us spend a large portion of our free time studying, learning, and helping spread personal finance content, but all to often we neglect our own health.  I was tired of it!

Out of the gates, several people jumped out to fantastic starts! Within the first couple of weeks I had shed an incredible amount of pounds from simply increasing the amount of time I spent walking/jogging combined with conscious eating habits.  Relying on the others for inspiration was a key part of my motivation!

The community aspect came into full effect once I moved overseas.  I had been a little naive thinking I could keep up with everything while traveling across the world.  Luckily, Matt Jabs, Laura, Mrs. Micah, Shane, MFD, and Krista were able to step up and keep the challenge going strong!

Towards the end I personally faded as I got lazy and lost some connection while traveling with the community (which had been such a source of strength for me).  Overall, though, I still managed to lose 12 pounds, which I’m convinced would not have happened without this challenge.  Most importantly, though, this process has renewed my belief in the power of accountability and community.

Hearing that all 30 bloggers combined to lose a total of 142 pounds is freakin’ awesome! The “challenge” has far exceed any expectations I had set for it over two months ago.  I’m honored to have been able to participate with such a great group of people!

Thanks for getting everyone together Adam… what a great team effort!

So What About the Results!

As previously mentioned — 142 total pounds were lost in 9 weeks displaying an amazing feat of teamwork and fortitude.  Everyone did a great job — and the PF community, once again, was able to show their unique and powerful ability to work together toward a common goal.

Despite a couple of weddings and other life altering events that called some to focus their time and attention elsewhere, participation was high and everyone can come away from this competition with a lot of positive momentum.

And now… the results:

6th Place – Team Epsilon – lost a total of 8.5 pounds!

  1. (Team Leader) MFD of MyFindependenceDay.com
  2. Lynne of TheWiserMiser.net
  3. Viviana of TheLeanTimes.com
  4. Clare of GetMoneyEnergy.com
  5. Rachel of PorterCoaching.blogspot.com

5th Place – Team Delta – lost a total of 15 pounds!

  1. (Team Leader) Shane of BeatingBroke.com
  2. Spendthrift of ConvertingaSpendthrift.blogspot.com
  3. Pretty Penny of MyPrettyPennies.wordpress.com
  4. John of MightyBargainHunter.com
  5. Bob of ChristianPF.com

4th Place – Team Alpha – lost a total of 21 pounds!

  1. (Team Leader) Laura of GreenPandaTreehouse.com
  2. Brad of EnemyOfDebt.com
  3. Dave of DoYouDaveRamsey.com
  4. Abigail of IPickUpPennies.blogspot.com
  5. Lindsey of WiseBread

3rd Place – Team Gamma – lost a total of 30 pounds!

  1. (Team Leader) Mrs. Micah of MrsMicah.com
  2. Baker of ManVsDebt.com
  3. Neal Frankle of WealthPilgrim.com
  4. Kelly of TheCentsibleLife.com
  5. Kim of MoneyManagement.org

2nd Place – Zeta Team – lost a total of 31.5 pounds!

  1. (Team Leader) Krista of Change-Jar.blogspot.com
  2. Dusty of ChasingTheBull.info
  3. Bettsonly of FinancialSuccessIsMine.blogspot.com
  4. Jorge of IndependentMinded.org
  5. SavingDiva of SavingForHome.blogspot.com

1st Place WINNERS – Beta Team – lost a total of 36 pounds!

  1. (Team Leader) Matt Jabs of DebtFreeAdventure.com
  2. Jessica of PennyWiseFamily.blogspot.com
  3. Josh Smith of WalletPop.com
  4. Miranda of YieldingWealth.com
  5. SNS of PennyPence.blogspot.com

Excellency in Reporting Award goes to…

Teams Beta and Gamma!

Both of these teams were faithful to turn in 100% of their weigh-in numbers each and every week!

Weekly Results…

Here are the links to the individual results for each week of the competition:

  1. Week 1 Results at ManVsDebt.com
  2. Week 2 and 3 Results at DebtFreeAdventure.com
  3. Week 4 Results at MrsMicah.com
  4. Week 5 Results at BeatingBroke.com
  5. Week 6 and 7 Results at GreenPandaTreehouse.com
  6. Week 8 Results at DebtFreeAdventure.com
  7. Week 9 Results at MrsMicah.com

In Closing…

Excellent work everyone!  Thank you to all who participated and contributed… especially to Baker and the Team Leaders for their concentrated effort to keep this competition rolling all the way to the finish line.

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1 Mrs. Micah

Go us! 🙂 I just lifted tonight, keeping up with it even after the challenge.

2 Matt Jabs

Nice work. My wife and I also decided not just to change our diets for a certain period of time, but have committed to making it way of life from here forward!


Awesome results. This is where blogs can be so powerful. We can build communities that create positive change. Great work!

4 DoYouDaveRamsey

Nice work everyone!

5 Credit Card Finder

haha this was an awesome idea – love it! Well done guys 🙂

What is the next challenge for the PF Blogger community?



6 Matt Jabs

It is time to return our focus to getting out of debt! 🙂

7 Credit Card Finder

LOL! Good call – continue rolling with the great articles & advice! 🙂

8 Matt Jabs

Thanks man… will do! 🙂

9 Alex Fernandes

Thanks for sharing for such great post, it will help many people who is having good interest in knowing such things.

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