A Healthy, Quick, Affordable, & Delicious Breakfast Idea

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Before heading off to bed, every Sunday night through Thursday night my wife & I prepare fruit and yogurt parfaits for our next mornings breakfast.

To accomplish this quickly and frugally…in a small Tupperware container we combine:

  • 3 heaping tbsp of vanilla yogurt
  • a hand full of blueberries

In a smaller separate container (or a small zip lock bag) we place a half cup of granola.

In the morning we simply combine the two and enjoy. We wait to combine them until the morning so the granola is still nice and crunchy when consumed.

If you would rather prepare all 5 servings on Sunday night, that would work too and would obviously provide for a faster & more efficient daily routine (now that I think of it, maybe I’ll be adopting that idea as well)!

These parfait type breakfasts are very delicious, healthy, and surprisingly affordable. We go through a quart and a half of yogurt each week, and around 5 cups of granola. The total cost of preparation is around $.75 per person per day.

Concerning our blueberries we prefer to use fresh so we buy the fresh berries in bulk, wash them, then freeze them in a Tupperware. If placed into your yogurt the night before, come morning they are completely thawed. If you prefer the crunch of a frozen berry you could simply place them in your yogurt frozen each morning!

The best way Mrs. Jabs & I have found to purchase our granola is in bulk from our local health food store. The prices on bulk granola there are actually cheaper (and better) than the boxed versions at our local supermarket.

I hope this helps someone save money and enjoy a healthy breakfast!

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1 Michelle Traudt

Great idea! I have been making my own granola, but I’m wondering if that is saving any money. I honestly have not broken out all the costs yet, I should do that, because I don’t think I’m saving a bunch of money.

2 Matt Jabs

Go ahead and break the cost down, it only takes a few minutes and can be very eye opening… not just for this item, but it will also raise your awareness toward the cost of other many items you’re using. Cheers!

3 Carol

Why not make your own homemade yogurt? Google for an easy crock pot recipe.

4 Matt Jabs

Hey Carol: Great advice! Actually, since writing this post we DID start making our own.

We make kefir, it’s like yogurt, but much easier to make. We have been making our own for months now and will NEVER go back.


5 Terri B

Just discovered your site and can hardly wait to try your homemade detergents. Thank you so much, exp for the pics.

I’m always buying 32 oz containers of yogurt–Please provide your recipe for kefir.

Thank you.

6 Matt Jabs

Glad you found us Terri… welcome!

I plan on posting the Kefir recipe/instructions sometime in the future.


7 Kacie

I do the same thing! Except instead of granola, I buy bulk walnuts, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. I mix them together in a large bag and sprinkle on my yogurt every morning. It keeps me full until lunch and sometimes longer! Since doing it, I eat less at lunch and save money and am more active during the day!

Also – small world – I just moved to NC from Lansing where I took the FPU course at Riverview Church. changed my life!

8 Matt Jabs

Wow… small world Kacie! Also, NC & Tenn are my favorite states… I simply love the Ashville, NC area – beautiful there. My wife and I almost moved to NC a few years back but it didn’t work out, so here we are!

We loved the DR class, it really worked well to get us on the same page financially.

9 Matt Jabs

Ha ha, good to know. Yeah, it’s a great breakfast, we ate it for years and still do sometimes.

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