After Christmas Sales Save You Money

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If you’re going to buy – go buy now

While I’m not a huge proponent of spending money on things you do not need, I am a big supporter of buying the things you plan to buy anyway when they are on sale.

This post is just a quick reminder to pay attention to the great sales that are going on this time of year.

If you were planning to buy more end of the year items, now is the best time to do it.  Many of us are still on Christmas break so we have all day to go do whatever we wish (God bless these times!)  So if you do need to pick up some items, especially if you were looking to purchase some additional Christmas decorations, go get them right  now.

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your lazy boy, check out the year end deals at

Why stores are having big sales

Christmas decorations will be your best bet to save, but remember that stores are looking to completely rid their stock of anything that screams 2009 so they can usher in the new stock for a fresh start with 2010.  What does that mean for the frugal shopper?  It means we should be able to take advantage of sales up to 90% off regularly priced items.

Don’t forget to haggle

Not only will you be able to take advantage of great sales, since the stores want desperately to get rid of their existing stock, why not try haggling to get an even better price?  This is probably the best time of year to haggle and one of the only times you might be able to have success doing it even at regular department stores.

What kind of deals did you get?

If you were able to take advantage of a sale, or haggle your way into a lower price… let us know about it here.  C’mon you know you want to brag about the incredible deal you got… and inquiring minds want to know!

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1 Adam

You should still be careful about the deals. At some places, you may think you are getting a great deal when in fact, you are just getting the same price as what it was before Christmas. For example, my mother-in-law works at Sears and their Christmas decorations are the same price as they were before Christmas. Yet, she said everyone was cramming back in that department just grabbing stuff. Just because it’s after Christmas doesn’t mean the deals are great! I would wait at least another week to get some Christmas stuff.

2 Matt Jabs

Good point Adam… we always have to use discretion – only buying things we need and always focusing on price percentages.

3 Jennifer Young

That reminds me I like to off season shop for cloths.I buy winter cloths in March and summer cloths in August. I hit the clearance racks! I have went to old navy and got cloths for $1.00 each and I get my girl church dresses from belks for $15.00 the reg price $65.00!It is hard for me to sit back and not shop but I know when it come to clerance waiting till the end of season is for me.As far as christmas things I wait and go to thrift stores!

4 Matt Jabs

That’s the way to go Jennifer!

For clothes I actually stopped buying clothes seasonally. Now I focus on buying really high quality clothes (like Carhartt) that will last me for years and years. I will pay more for quality and just shop WAY less often. It is working out very well so far.

5 wifeish

I passed up a purse for $97 dollars that retails for $1500. Why? Because I didn’t need it. I decided to set aside a little money each paycheck to put in a fund for a new purse (or shoes or dress or whatever…) when I find another deal I really don’t want to pass up!

6 Matt Jabs


If we ever want to win with money we have to stop buying things we do not need… regardless of “good deals.” 🙂


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