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Hustle is one of the great traits anyone can possess. Whether you are competing on the playing field or in business, hustle gives you a competitive edge over your competitor. You work a little harder, look over the details a little more, and seek that extra edge in everything you do.

Hustle is critically important when you are engaged in the “side hustle” of starting your business. I must admit that I am stealing the term “side hustle” from one of my favorite entrepreneurship books, Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim. Ms. Slim left a successful corporate career to work as a self-employed consultant before starting her own coaching and writing career. Few books I have read blend the vision of entrepreneurship with the practical steps of executing a self-employment strategy.

Side Hustle

Ms. Slim learned the term “side hustle” from a family member who started a business doing nails while in college. Her family member was interested in earning some additional cash while studying, and Ms. Slim learned that she was doing the nail business as a “side hustle”. I love this term, because it portrays the perfect attitude to have when starting a new venture.
If you have read my past Debt-Free Adventure articles, you know I am passionate about starting your business the right way. I do not advocate quitting your day job right away as you build your business. I still work a full-time job as I develop Whiteboard Business Partners, because I want to remain hungry and committed to building a business of my own. I’m hustling every day when I write an extra blog post, research new ideas, or create a new educational program. I’m hustling when I use my savings or extra cash to build my business instead of seeking a bank loan. I’m hustling when I leave home to meet with a client right after dinner.

Matt’s note: For 2 years I worked a full-time job while building my business on the side. I hustled and sacrificed a lot of sleep in those 2 years, but it was so worth it. Now my “side gig” is my full-time job, and I love it.

Hustling is about doing the extra work and caring enough to do the right things in the right manner. If you approach your own work by hustling every day, people will notice your extra effort. You may receive an additional referral, earn a new speaking opportunity, or be featured on a local radio show. The key is never becoming content. The successful business owners I know are always looking for new ways to build their businesses. They are aware of their surroundings and seeking new revenue streams or opportunities to serve.
When you are working a “side hustle”, you should always seek ways to either turn your side job into full-time income or find better ways to earn part-time income. Your side job need not become a full-time opportunity. You may enjoy your full-time position and simply want a chance to fulfill a passion. You may want to earn additional income for play or for other means. Whatever you do, never stop hustling and finding ways to improve.

Are you hustling?

I consider hustling as one key factor differentiating the good from the great. When you hustle, you demonstrate initiative and motivation to the rest of the world. No matter what you do, always approach your endeavors with hustle.

Are you hustling? Prove it to us in the comments!


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1 emily

I am going to be turning 2 of my e-books into e-courses. This will give me a financial edge and I will definitely be working harder over the next couple of months while I get everything in order.

2 Lead Generation

Hustling, there are times that I am hustling but there are times that I’m not. Depends on my mood and no to impress anybody. lead generation

3 Crystal @ Business Insurance

I turned my side hustle of blogging into self employment by finding a niche that hadn’t been saturated yet – I run the advertising for bloggers that are too busy to answer all of those emails every day. 🙂 I went from making $3000 a month ($2000 after benefits and taxes) to making $6000-$12,000 a month ($4000-$8500 after benefits and taxes and expenses). It is possible after all to follow a dream…

4 Mary@CheckMateSystems

I worked as a software developer after majoring in computer science in college. My side hustle is an app i wrote that lets your checkbook have virtual envelopes. It tells you what you can spend (instead of what you already spent). It helped us get debt-free (the app, not the income) so now it’s my main hustle (and it only cost $2!)

5 Mary@CheckMateSystems

The “Lead Generation” link above is spam that will lock your computer if you try to leave the page (ask me how I know). this blog’s owner may want to check it out and/or just delete the comment to keep his reader’s from getting hosed.

6 Home Health

This will give me a financial edge and I will definitely be working harder over the next couple of months while I get everything in order.

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