Are You Paying Yourself?


Pay Yourself First!When it comes to saving money lately, my personal strategy leaves little to be desired.  Over the past few years I have failed to save ANY money.  On the contrary, I have actually been slowly slipping into renewed credit card debt.  Sure, I may not have as much credit card debt as a lot of people, or even as much as the average person; but to me, any credit card debt is too much.

Well I’m fed up.  I’m done paying credit card companies interest money while not paying myself anything.  What am I going to do about it?  Starting immediately, I’m going to have my employer direct deposit $100 into my savings account every month.  Sounds simple right?  Well…it is simple, and I’m a little upset at myself for not doing it sooner.  However, I refuse to dwell on the fact that I haven’t done it in the past and am excited about doing it from here on out.

I’m actually starting a new blog to this end as well.  I will not reveal what exactly it is yet because I’m not completely finished setting it up, but I am very excited about it and will announce it to you all soon.

Maybe it’s time for you to start paying yourself too?

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