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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Best of Money Carnival – the highly anticipated blog carnival that recognizes the top 10 personal finance posts each week.

First, I would to thank @FMFblog for creating the carnival and for honoring me with the opportunity to host one of the pioneering episodes.  Before I get into the top 10 money articles of the week I would like to recall a few of the unique opportunities participants of the Best of Money Carnival (BOMC) stand to realize including:

  • March Madness Automatic Entry – The ten best winners for the year (as judged by FMF) will receive automatic bids into FMF’s March Madness event the next year. These entries will NOT count as a blog’s official entry (consider them automatic bids) and if a blogger wants to submit an additional post for March Madness he can without penalty and with the same consideration (usually first come, first served) that other entrants receive.
  • $1,000 Charitable Contribution – At the end of the year, FMF will select one post from among the weekly winners that he feels is the best of the best. This blogger will then be able to have FMF contribute $1,000 to the blogger’s charity. The charity must be acceptable to FMF (I don’t want to give to any charities that contradict my personal beliefs and I don’t want to be added to any extra mailing lists if it can be avoided.) If the initial one isn’t acceptable, another can be suggested and so on until one that both parties can agree on is selected. That said, FMF supports many mainstream charities like the American Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Make-a-Wish Foundation, so finding an acceptable option shouldn’t be difficult. (FYI, here’s a larger list of the charities FMF has supported in the past.)

Visit the carnival homepage to see the other benefits & requirements and to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for submission.  Please note that once again this week, we had to eliminate quite a few submissions from eligibility because they did not follow the carnival rules and include a short description of their post.  Therefore, if you did not make the list it could be because you had an errant submission, which you will be able to remedy next week!

Without further delay, here are your top 10 Personal Finance posts of the week:
Best of Money Carnival

Number 10 –

Stock Market Technical Analysis – Loads Of Bull Crap And Bear Crap – Expressing disappointment over misused charts and “technical” analysis with respect to stocks and the market in general.

Number 9 –

Coupon Tip – Making Sure It’s Always Available – Sometimes, a simple tip can really save you tons of money.

Number 8 –

Tax Records You Should Save & For How Long – If you find yourself in a time crunch every tax season, this post should help. It details how to split your year up into four different seasons of tax preparation. It also details all of the documents you need to keep on hand and for how long.

Number 7 – (guest post by Kevin of

10 ways to survive in a down economy – 10 great tips for surviving and faring well in the recession.

Number 6 –

Off The Waist and Into the Wallet: Save At Least $100/mo. By Fasting For Financial Fitness – If you could cut out all junk food, you’d be saving your waistline as well as your wallet. You can even take it a step further by fasting for one day and not spending money on that day, either. This article talks about how to do it and some of the benefits. It’s not a method for everyone, but if you do it you can “get two birds with one stone” and maximize your efforts.

Number 5 –

Average Net Worth of an American Family – This article discusses the average net worth of an American family by looking at a variety of data sources. It also cites a stat that there was a 20% dip in the average net worth, which may bring a little bit of comfort to families currently feeling the pinch.

Number 4 –

6 Mistakes I Made When I Opened My Business – Avoid these 6 mistakes when you open your business and see your success rate soar.

Number 3 –

My 4 hour work week –  Another way to escape the rat race. Technically speaking, it’s more of a 3.5 hour work week, but it can be adjusted as needed.

Number 2 –

A Credit Card Is Not Your Ticket To Financial Freedom – Kids and teens can have a bad misconception about how credit cards work. Someone recently commented that credit card is his ticket to financial freedom. This definitely deserves a more in depth look.

Number 1 –

55 Best Ways To Save Money: Frugal Ideas From Our Readers”  – I’ve pooled together some interesting money saving ideas from readers who’ve generously shared their frugal tips with me. From how to save money on medication to how to save money on your commute, this list represents wide-ranging suggestions from frugal readers.

Congratulations to this week’s top 10 and thanks again for all who submitted a post; there were a lot of great articles to choose from.

BOMC is an excellent opportunity for participants, so I strongly encourage you to submit your articles for future editions.  Next week the Best of Money Carnival will be held by the Wealth Pilgrim.

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1 MoneyEnergy

Wow, between Bargaineering and Christian PF? Thanks for choosing my article to be part of a “top 10” list – this is a first for me! Thanks again!

2 Pinyo

Thank you for the #2 pick. It’s an honor!

3 Kevin@OutOfYourRut

Thank you for the #7 pick. I’m truly humbled!

4 Tipigal

I enjoyed this blog and tips on ways to save money!
Thank you!

5 ChristianPF

Thanks Matt for including me!!


Glad you enjoyed my post enough to include it as a top 10!

And being chosen as the second host truly shows how great your blog is! Good work!


7 The Digerati Life

I am very thrilled to be part of your list! Thanks a lot for such a great job hosting this carnival. 🙂 I’m going to have to check out the 4 hour work week story!

8 livea

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