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There are so many people that hate their jobs and truly loathe getting up and going to work every day.  I used to be one of them.

So why do so many people continue doing something that makes them so unhappy?  Debt usually plays a huge roll.  A simple question to ask yourself is, “If you didn’t have any debt, and thus only needed a fraction of your current monthly income, would you still get up and go work at your current job every day?” The answer is usually a resounding NO!

Besides being passionate about eliminating debt, I am also hugely passionate about figuring out how to earn money doing creative work I love… and helping others do the same.  If you hate your job and need a change, then why not create that change?  No one is going to do it for you!

At the end of February 2011 I left the working world to become a full-time entrepreneur.  It is a risk, but I had a plan.  I have been blogging since January of 2009 and have been able to build up several sites with a decent amount of traffic.  Now my job is to consistently build those sites and to turn them into revenue producing assets that help people and provide for my family.  My goals include helping others, being able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection, earn money at all hours of the day rather than trading time for money, and to create something I’m passionate about.

Who do I learn from?  Well, a lot of it has been trial and error over the years, but because I recently went full-time, I’ve been receiving coaching from guys who have already become very successful at what I’m trying to do.  Enter Bob Lotich of and Jonathan Milligan of

Blogging Your Passion

Bob and Jonathan have created a website called and – with the help of Andy Traub of – are about to release a comprehensive webinar product to help you and I create, build, maintain, and earn money by blogging about things we are passionate about.  I’m telling you about this product today because I’m sick and tired of seeing people stuck in debt and stuck in jobs they hate.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO keep doing it!  Break out and start building something you’re proud of.

Bob and Jonathan have kindly offered a $50 discount to the first 50 people who sign up, and the webinar is only available to 100 people.  So if you’re looking to make a change and have been looking for an excuse to get started… make this your excuse.

Check out the life changing 5 part Blogging Your Passion webinar and use coupon code “DFA” (without the quotes) for a shot at the $50 discount if you’re one of the first 50 to sign up.

Here is a video of me talking about the course and the idea behind it.

Check out the life changing 5 part Blogging Your Passion webinar and use coupon code “DFA” (without the quotes) for a shot at the $50 discount if you’re one of the first 50 to sign up.

Here is a summary of the 5 part webinar Bob sent me:

Week 1

  • What to do in the first 24 working hours of your blog
  • The Behind-the-Scenes Checklist (Domains, Hosting, WordPress, etc)
  • The Blog Design Checklist (Proper SEO, Must Have Plugins, Themes, Analytics, Logo Headers, etc)
  • The Social Media Checklist (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • The Content Creation Checklist (Your first few posts)
  • The Monetization Checklist (Simple Income Ideas)

Week 2

  • 20 Different Types of Posts You Can Use
  • How to Target Keyword Phrases for the Search Engines
  • How to Do Fast Article Research
  • Fast Content Creation Strategies
  • Article Topic Ideas Spreadsheet Explained

Week 3

  • Understanding the Difference Between Time Management and Self Management
  • Learning How the Pareto Principle Applies to Blogging
  • What The Parkinson’s Law States
  • Education vs. Experience
  • Action vs. Activity
  • Part-time Blogger Time Management Tips
  • Full-time Blogger Time Management Tips

Week 4

  • Developing Social Media Traffic Systems (Get Your Content Viral)
  • Developing Search Engine Traffic Systems (Rank on 1st Page of Google)
  • Developing Internal Traffic Systems (RSS Readers, Mailing Lists)

Week 5

  • Multiple Streams of Blogging Income (Over 20+ Income Streams Explained)
  • Introduction to the “Profit Ladder”
  • Setting Up a Sales Funnel for Your Blog
  • Earning a Passive Income from Your Mailing List
  • Low Maintenance Income Ideas
  • Passive Income Ideas
  • Personal Involvement High Income Ideas

Check out the life changing 5 part Blogging Your Passion webinar and use coupon code “DFA” (without the quotes) for a shot at the $50 discount if you’re one of the first 50 to sign up.

Have you been thinking about starting a blog to help others and earn money?  Let us know by leaving a comment.

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1 Bret @ Hope to Prosper


Congratulations on quitting your job and going full time with the blogging. I’m an IT Manager like you were, so I know exactly how stressful it can be. Thankfully, I have the best job of my career right now and I’m in no big hurry to quit. I have plenty of time to work and blog. So, I plan to double dip for a while. Hopefully, the stock options will come in and I can pay off my house, right around the same time I start making big money on my blog. At least, that’s the dream.


2 Matt Jabs

Thanks for the kind words Bret… and NEVER stop chasing your dream!

3 Arnuld

Hi Matt,

I’m Arnuld, a freelance graphics & web designer. I’d just wanna say thank you for this amazing post of yours coz you’ve just given me a really crazy idea for a product while I read that “blogging your passion” line 😀

Thanks again, you’ve been really helpful.

4 Matt Jabs

Glad to hear it Arnuld. Blessings.

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