Financial Retirement – How to Get There Faster

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Financial retirement defined

Financial retirement can be defined simply as a transition from laborer to capitalist.  Let’s take a closer look.

Lay aside your common perception of these two terms as political and think of them according to the following, most accurate definitions:

Laborer someone who works and trades their time to generate money.

Capitalistsomeone who is paid for the use of their money, not for their labor.

Which are you?

Do you trade your work for money or are you paid for the use of your money?

When we retire from work we transition from laborer to capitalist because we are essentially retiring from labor and beginning to live off of the proceeds of our investments.

Why do most of us have to wait until we are in the fleeting years of our lives to become capitalists?  Could the answer be as simple as saying that we do not focus on becoming capitalists while pondering the majority of our financial decisions?

Start thinking like a capitalist

While we may not be able to quickly transition from laborer to capitalist, we can instantly transition our thought process from that of laborers to that of capitalists.  To accomplish this we simply need to start running all financial decisions through this filter:

  • will this financial move advance my desire to retire from labor and begin being paid for the use of my money?

We can start thinking like a capitalist from this moment forward, and if we do we stand to speed our retirement from labor greatly!

I have committed to making this exciting and powerful yet simple change – will you commit to making it with me?

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1 Robert Espe

Good video clip, addresses the idea that everything we have now is something we cannot have later, and then some. An elementary, but oft overlooked mode of thinking that can spur you towards retirement goals.

2 Ken

I’m with you. If we’re going to truly get ahead we have to focus on growth opportunities and not just how to save a buck here, cut a corner there. Most of the wealthy in this country are business owners/entrepreneurs.

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