Carnival Of Top PF Posts #8 – Watermelon Lemonade Edition!

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Is there anything more refreshing than watermelon on these longest, hottest days of the year?

I’m willing to bet that you, like me, have been bustin’ your butt on spring & summer projects and probably haven’t had a spare second to just kick back, relax, drink lemonade, & read all about personal finance from your favorite PF blogs… well today is your lucky day my friend…

Here’s the Skinny:

In honor of the long, hot, summer days I have decided to supply you with this list of the 6 Top Personal Finance Posts of the week and a recipe for the best tasting summer drink you could ever relax to – Watermelon Lemonade.

I want you to do two things for me today:

  1. Read over the list of Top PF Posts of the week (in the list below), then vote on your favorite.
  2. Stop at your local market sometime today and pick up the ingredients for this delicious watermelon lemonade & make it when you get home.  Make sure you include the whole family in the process… what I like to do is bring it all home & have the wife make it for me!  Shhhhh…don’t tell! Hee hee…

You can complete these two tasks in any order or combination you would like…as long as you do both we’ll be cool.

Here is the Watermelon Lemonade recipe:


  • Makes 14 cups


  • 15 cups  seeded and cubed watermelon (preferably organic)
  • 2 (12-ounce) cans frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed (preferably organic)
  • 2 mint sprigs (preferably organic)
  • Ice
  • Garnishes: watermelon wedges, mint springs


Process watermelon, in batches, in a blender or food processor until smooth.

Combine concentrate and 2 mint sprigs, and cook in a saucepan over medium-high heat 10 minutes. Stir together watermelon puree and lemonade mixture; cover and chill 8 hours. Remove and discard mint. Stir and serve over ice. Garnish, if desired.

The list of Top Personal Finance Posts of the week:

Read, sip your drink, relax, vote, & most of all… ENJOY!!

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Thanks for the mention….an honor considering the fantastic posts here.

2 Paul @ FiscalGeek

Watermelon lemonade hmmm delicious, nice touch. That would go nicely with my chocolate coated peanut butter treats for father’s day.

3 MoneyEnergy

Once again, looks like I’ve picked the winner! I have such popular taste!:) The watermelon lemonade sounds like a great idea…. perfect balance to lemon’s tanginess. I can’t wait to enjoy a lazy summer day – haven’t had any of those yet!

4 GaigueDeehami


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