Five Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

by Kevin Mercadante

These are the best reasons to use a real estate agent to sell your house, starting with the fact that we’re in a buyer’s market. And you’ll need all the potential buyers you can get!

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We Did A Short Sale Of Our Home

by Matt Jabs

Recently we performed a short sale of our home and lived to tell about it. Read this to learn from our experience and pick up a few tips for your sale.

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How to Buy A House with a Mortgage

by Mike Young

We learned how to buy a house with a mortgage the hard way. Use our tips to make sure your American Dream is a dream come true, not a 30-year nightmare!

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Disappearing Middle Class [An Analysis]

by Jon the Saver

Is the middle class disappearing or are the numbers skewed? Let’s take a closer look at what’s really happening with the wealth gap today in the US.

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Taking Action to Meet Our Savings Goal

by Robert Espe

Setting concrete savings goals helps to save money and bolster the necessary motivation to sacrifice and follow through. Come see how we modified our plan to help meet our goals.

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