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In a continuing effort to make Debt Free Adventure an excellent, Bible based, Personal Finance blog I am participating in the Problogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge.  I am a little behind in the challenge, but I figure it may take me longer than 31 days to complete all the tasks, which is fine since I am also continuing to write regular articles in between.

The task for today is to analyze a successful blog in my “blogging niche” of Christian Personal Finance, or as I like to call it, Biblical Personal Finance.  I have chosen to review for several reasons that I will state more specifically below.  First though, let it be stated that this is not going to be the ultimate thorough review of, but more of a simple breakdown of a few of the things that I believe make CPF one of the current leaders in its niche, and how I can use this information to improve Debt Free Adventure.

Here are a few of the simple reasons I am impressed with Bob Lotich’s website, and with Bob as a blogger.

  • Bible based – Bob writes all of his posts from a biblical & Christian point-of-view.  His salvation & commitment to Christ is relevant throughout his entire website.  This is a key component for comparison with Debt Free Adventure because I most definitely want my readers to notice that DFA content is being delivered through the filter of the Word of God.
  • Strategy & dedication – From my perspective Bob works hard to strategically serve his content to his readers.  The website did not “just happen”.  Just as the big bang theory is a bit of a stretch, the idea that a blog can just “come together harmoniously” without a lot of hard work, preparation & dedication is also a ridiculous concept.  As a fellow blogger, I can see the work, thought, care, & follow-through that have gone into making CPF what it is today.  With DFA I am striving to turn it into a complete user experience.  I want people to come & never leave.  CPF gives me a good basis of comparison for this model.
  • Reader focused – CPF is a very “reader oriented” blog.  The layout is very impressive, especially since the new CPF redesign was released a few months ago.  There is also a forum at CPF which is forthcoming at DFA.  As soon as I finish the architecture & framework of the forums I plan to release them to the public & am excited to have everyone have at it!  The thought of interacting more thoroughly with everyone on DFA excites me very much.  I love being able to provide a platform for reader interaction, especially on this topic of biblical finances I am so passionate about.
  • Driven – I suppose since CPF was able to bring the author a full-time income after being in existence for only two years is a telling tale.  Quality content does not write itself, so it is quite apparent there is a passion behind the content contained on the pages of CPF.  As you may have read before around here, passion is a main driving force behind DFA.  I have utterly failed if a reader leaves my site without being made painfully aware of the passion I have for Biblical Personal Finances & Debt Free Living!
  • Thorough – Bob’s articles are very thoughtfully laid out.  The information was not compiled in 15 minutes & you can tell Bob spends a good amount of time on most of the CPF articles.  I believe it gives the reader a greater feeling of security knowing they are being presented with information someone has thoroughly researched.  Ah…if only there were more time in a day!  I strive to study & read as much as I can regarding the topics I pen.  I find it quite ironic that I study ten times harder now than I ever did in high school or college!  Why?  Because it is my passion!  I need to continue writing knowledgeably and thoroughly, and I need make sure I am resolved in my opinions before I bother giving them.
  • Balance – On CPF there is a good balance between financial information and bible information.  Of course I believe the two should never be separated, but of course there needs to be balance in the delivery of the content.  I hope to learn to balance my writing more & more as time goes by.

Here are a few points I deem very important to blogging success, how CPF has performed relative to those points, and how I might improve on them.  I believe the following things have a direct correlation to success, all of which I need to consider implementing, improving, and/or expanding upon.

  1. Post frequency – It looks like it took Bob about a year before he was posting an average of one article per day.  Due to the several benefits daily posting frequency delivers I am aiming to hit the mark of at least 1 post per day from here forward.  Currently, at four months old, it looks like I have averaged about one every other day, so I need to double posting frequency.  Now that I have the DFA theme built, I should be able to spend more & more time on content.
  2. Post quality – I like to think I only put out high quality posts, but I’m sure that could be debated!  Please know that I set the bar high for each & every post.  I would choose not to write at all rather than willingly post low quality material.  CPF seems to follow this same guideline, and I believe its popularity is a testament to that.  Again, because the majority of the Debt Free Adventure infrastructure is already up & running and design is now strong, I will be able to focus less on blog design and more on high quality content.
  3. Post integrity – It is my aim to publish only honest and accurate information.  I answer to a higher power who does not allow me to do things “just to make a buck”.  It is my goal to bring every aspect of DFA under the perfect scrutiny of God’s Word.  It is apparent to me that I ought to follow God’s Word not only concerning my finances, but also in every other area of my life.  If my conscience is not clean, then I have nothing.  Simply put, I am a servant of the Lord who is working to become debt free & to help you do the same.  I see this same frame of reference in Bob’s writing, which makes it a joy for me to read his articles.

I suppose the best barometer for how Bob approaches his blog comes from Bob himself.  One of the more excellent & thorough articles I have read on the subject of blogging exists on  In a recent article he lays out how he makes a living with his blog.  This is an especially excellent read for anyone interested in earning money with a blog, but is also a crystal clear view of Bob’s successful writing style.  I have spoken with Bob at length about the referenced post, which he said took him a very long time to complete.  In my opinion, his time was quite well spent there.  I would like thank Bob for writing it, and also for being an inspiration to a lot of bloggers including myself.

DFA exists to help you become debt free. If there is something you like or dislike; something you would like to see more of or less of, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, please let us know.  The best way for us to improve for your liking is to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. If you have been reading but have never commented, I encourage you to do so now.

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1 Pinyo

This is a great article. And I sent it to Bob.

2 ChristianPF

Thanks DebtFreek – I think you have a great blog going and I am super excited that we get to be on the “same team” helping people understand the biblical importance of managing our money well!!

3 BobV

Great critique of a great website. I too wish I had more time to put into my blog. I am still a newbie but believe there is a real need for blogs that address Christians and their finances. Having gone through Crown Ministries and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univ., I have heard many of the struggles that people within the church who want to give but just don’t feel that they can. Educating these people as well as ourselves ( I learn something new every day), is essential to help minister to those in need in our churches and communities as well as growing God’s family of believers.

Thanks again for the good job you do.

4 DebtFREEk!

The things you mention are my passion exactly! The Lord has given me a burden to help God’s people (including myself) become free from debt so they can serve the Lord freely.

When you think about it, if you only need $15,000/year to live because you have no debt, you will be able to go anywhere & do anything!

I believe this pleases the Lord and I believe He will bless our efforts. Thanks for your comments Bob.

5 William Dunigan

Seems that most of the conversations is about keeping debts to a minimum.
I’m a 81 year old ordained minister and full time writer, with this I have no problem at all. Then, many when reaching even close to my age don’t have money problems either. When you get my age the inflow of money usually decreases, but the out flow decreases as well, so it all balances out, I’d suppose anyway. I have written three books two have been published and one of which is named: Off to visit the Prophet Elijah. The two that I have published is: Reviving the dead church by reminiscing the day of Pentecost. Second to be published is: Beyond the Golden Sunset and by the Crystal Sea. Both can readily be found on I will also include a link to my most recent book to be published, just in case there be someone who would like to take a peek.

Warm Regrds

William Dunigan

6 DebtFREEk!

Hi William:

I appreciate the fact that you are active on computers & the Internet, most people your age don’t want anything to do with it. My grandfather is 81 & he is on every day as well, which I find admirable.

I appreciate you stopping by & leaving a comment. Congratulations on your book.

7 Bible Money Matters

Great look at one of the premier Christian finance bloggers out there. Emulate Bob at and you’ll be off to a great start! It’s good to have some more Christian finance writers out there!

8 CoolHappyGuy

Great, thorough examination of Bob’s site. I have found his articles a very good mix of the spirtual and the practical. I have really enjoyed participating in the forums. There are some great tools that he makes available.

Bob also has a servant’s heart. His success is well-deserved. He’s been very helpful and encouraging to me in my own blogging efforts.

(I wish that I could post with greater frequency! This has been one of my biggest challenges as a blogger.)

9 DebtFREEk!

I agree with you on all points. Post frequency is also the hardest thing for me, especially because I have another blog and I also am a regular once-a-week author on

Balancing all of these and trying to write a daily post on DFA is very challenging, and I pray that the Lord blesses my efforts as He has Bob’s…time will tell!

Thanks for your comment, and thanks again for joining the DFA Christian Finance Directory.

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