Dan Miller on Debt, Life Missions, and the Changing Workplace

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Miller of 48Days.net.  Dan was kind enough to devote several hours of his time to the Debt Free Adventure audience addressing the subjects of debt and career… specifically focusing on breaking barriers while pursuing your passion and succeeding in the changing workplace environment.

Who is Dan Miller?

Dan is a pioneer in the Life Coach movement, the founder of the 48Days.Net community, and two time best selling author who has helped millions of people transition from working jobs they hate, to leading successful, mission-focused work lives.  Dan is also a joyful Christian, father, grandfather, and successful Eaglepreneur.  Find more of Dan by reading his bio, reading his 48Days blog, and by reading his bestselling and powerful books: 48 Days To The Work You Love and No More Dreaded Mondays.

As an added bonus Dan is offering an incredible resource to readers for free… his eBook 48 Low Cost Business Ideas.  Make sure you download and read the book – it’s packed with unique and profitable business ideas that have very low (or no) start up costs.

Dan’s challenge to DFA readers

Folks, this challenge – and piece of advice – from Dan is crucial and very powerful.  If you take nothing else away from this interview article… be sure to spend a few hours contemplating the wisdom he gives below.

Dan advises us to:

“Look inward first.  Take 2 hours to look internally and say, what are my unique skills and abilities, what are my personality tendencies, what are those recurring dreams that I keep having? From that you should be able to create a clear focus and then decide, what kind of work embraces all of those things that I now know about myself? That is the starting point, and that has been the freeing process for a whole lot of people that I have had the privileged of intersecting lives with over the last few years.”

If you are ready for a change and want to take positive action toward that change… take Dan’s challenge seriously and go do this now.

The video interview

Please enjoy… it was a great joy to interview Dan and I hope to collaborate with him more in the future.

(If you are unable to see the video in your email click here to view it on the web.)

Please excuse the quality of the sound and video… it was my first attempt at recording a Skype call.  I wish the quality were better but cannot change it now.  I promise the quality will be better in future videos – but also wanted to share this wise quote on the subject of publishing less than perfect content…

“The man who does things makes mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all – doing nothing.” – Benjamin Franklin

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1 Jon - Free Money Wisdom

Great tips and very insightful. If someone does not know their talents and gifts then their success will be greatly hindered. I love Dan’s advice on taking two hours to contemplate what truly motivates you as a person and what areas in which you are skilled. After all, if this focus is not acquired it becomes a guessing game and being a jack at all trades is great but often not too profitable.

2 Brandon Cordoba

I think it was 27 when you changed my life Dan with the 48 Days Class @ church. Thank you, so, so much, it’s hard but so worth it!

3 Matt Jabs

Soooo great to hear Brandon! Go for it.

4 Matt Jabs

Just to let you all know, I’ve drawn 3 random winners… but so far NONE of them have replied to the email, so I will keep drawing and giving a day to respond until the winner claims their prize – and I’ll let you know.

5 Matt Jabs

5 random winners have been chosen out of the 218 confirmed subscribers but none have replied to claim their prize yet so I am continuing to pick one random winner each day until someone replies – GEEZ how hard is it to giveaway a book these days??!!

6 Matt Jabs

Ladies and gentlemen we FINALLY have a winner who claimed their prize – Mr. Roger B. of Georgia. Roger was actually the 7th person chosen but the first 6 never replied to claim the book. Congrats Roger and God bless!

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