Debt Free Advice for 2010

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Here is a list of a few great articles to get you started, along with a cool new DFA feature and some motivation to check out the Debt Free Adventure 2009 archives for posts you have yet to read.

In 2009 there were a total of 168 articles published here at Debt Free Adventure!  How many have you read?  🙂

A few of my recent favorites to get you started

Ask Matt Jabs for Debt Free Advice in 2010 and beyond

Need Free Debt Advice?

I have added the Ask Matt Jabs section as a way to offer free debt help and advice for those in need… take advantage man!

Ask your question here and I will answer it for free and publish the answer to  Just as I’m sure to do in my own life, because the financial wisdom of the bible is greater than the financial wisdom of Matt Jabs, I will answer your question using bible principles.

Still hungry for more?  Check out the DFA Archives

There is a ton of great debt free advice and help in the Debt Free Adventure archives!

Enjoy and Godspeed in 2010.

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1 Olivia

Greetings Matt,

Do you know of any investment return situations for lower income people? (We would be interested in lending money through Lending Club, but don’t make enough to qualify.) The best out there for our situation seems to be Sharebuilder, or CD’s. The idea of a “side hustle” has crossed my mind as well, like selling on ebay, or writng more extensively. Doing daycare, heavy lifting, anything that ties up the car, etc. are not options. Thanks for putting your mind to this.


2 Matt Jabs

Thanks for the question Olivia, I have answered it and published it to DFA. Read your answer here.

3 Mark

Some great advice here Matt, thank you for sharing it all for free! Which is a nice change from all the other companies and people who are asking for money which really doesn’t help the situation.

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