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Don’t you just love the Christmas holiday?  Trees, lights, carols, cookies, cards, sacrificial giving, decorations, cookies, time off work, and time spent with family and friends… eating cookies.

Did I mention cookies? 😉

Considering how this time of year conjures up visions of sugar plums dancing through our heads… how did buying things people do not need with money we don’t have ever become synonymous with this season of charity, joy, and sacrifice?

Though this is a question more and more of us are starting to ask ourselves, I suppose we can leave the how and why of it up for debate another day and instead focus on debt solutions, debt help, and debt relief.  After all… if we’re honest with ourselves, dealing with debt head on is exactly what we need to do.  Debt is never going to just go away, we have to make it go away.  Credit card debt is never going to pay it self off, we have to make ourselves pay it off.  We can never start winning with money until we stand up, take responsibility for our debt, and start taking steps in the direction of responsible debt reduction.

This spirit of passionate debt reduction is the exact focus of the latest move from Lending Club.  They are currently sponsoring a cool promotion to help get you on the path of responsible debt reduction and throwing in some cool freebies along with it.

Introducing the Lending Club DebtBuster Challenge!

What is it?

  • From now until January 15th Lending Club is encouraging us to be responsible and commit to taking the DebtBuster Challenge to consolidate debt, manage debt, reduce debt, and eliminate debt once and for all.
  • This is a program they have created to raise debt awareness and encourage personal fiscal responsibility during this holiday season… and far into the future.
  • Go to the Lending Club website to check rates based on credit score and credit history and secure a debt reduction loan with Lending Club.
  • Sign up today and they will send you a nifty Lending Club t-shirt or back pack.

What is Lending Club?

  • Lending Club is a peer to peer lender who facilitates the borrowing and lending of money between individuals, thus bypassing traditional banks and all the headaches that come along with it.

Why Lending Club?

  • I keep saying “we” and “us” because you are not alone… I’m right here with you on this.  I secured a debt consolidation reduction loan through Lending Club back in August of this year and wrote all about it in my Lending Club Review.
  • Lending Club offers better rates and less hassle than borrowing from traditional banks.
  • And because I know all to well that debt reduction and elimination is exactly what many of us Americans need to be focusing on.

Join Lending Club for Debt Help

I am proud to be part of the Lending Club DebtBuster Challenge and am not alone in offering this wonderful promotion to you.

I am partnering with Lending Club themselves and the 4 other top DebtBuster bloggers to offer advice and encouragement for those committed to debt reduction during this holiday season.

As always, keep an eye on our blogs over the next few weeks for articles to help encourage your passionate move toward debt reduction and debt elimination.  A time or two each week we will be specifically addressing those who committed to taking the Lending Club Debtbuster Challenge.

Sign up and take the Lending Club DebtBuster Challenge

Do not put off your debt reduction any longer!  Now is the time and this is the opportunity.  Join me and thousands of other responsible and committed Americans as we get Lending Club on our side, commit to the DebtBuster Challenge, and make the move toward freedom from debt using the power of peer to peer lending.

Helpful DebtBuster Links

Other participating DebtBuster Bloggers

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1 Beckey

I tried to do this with Lending Club, but since I am just now recovering from a bad breakup last year, my credit score will not let them work with me. Oh well, I’ll do it the old fashioned way, with blood, sweat, and tears.

2 Paul @ FiscalGeek

Hmmm I’m having a hard time with this one for an organization who’s sole business is based on others debt. Sure it may be your friend who’s funded your loan but it’s debt nonetheless and Lending club is not a non-profit. Debt reduction is definitely necessary and I’m a huge proponent of that but it seems misguided to think that just moving your debt to lending club is going to solve your problem. Yes I hear many positive things about them but debt is debt is debt. Am I missing something?

3 Matt Jabs

I am so glad someone asked this question… because there are very solid reasons why I use and promote Lending Club for those already struggling with debt reduction payments. For those who want ALL the details, check out my Lending Club Review, but here is a brief summary.

You are right Paul. Debt is debt, any way you slice it. And here are the benefits I have realized by consolidating debt with Lending Club:

  • Debt was moved into one payment at a lower rate than each of my other 4 debts. This saves me money (around $500 over the life of the loan) and simplifies by debt reduction by reducing my risk of forgetting monthly payments. I have 3 less payments to worry about and the Lending Club payment is set up as automatic withdraw by default, as opposed to having to juggling 4 manual payments.
  • Especially after the massive taxpayer bailout of the financial sector, I see it as a moral obligation to stand up against the banking industry as a whole, and opt instead to save money by borrowing through peer to peer lending. On top of this moral obligation that I take as personal, I am also paying interest to other individuals as opposed to paying it to any bailed out banks that I stand in opposition against.

I actually feel very good about consolidating through Lending Club, and am realizing tangible benefits. If this was not the case I would not present it as solid option for others to follow.

4 Peter

I agree that debt is debt is debt. Far too many people tend to just get consolidation loans to move the debt around and give themselves some wiggle room, and not really intending to pay it down faster.

However, if you’re already committed to paying off debt, you may as well do it the smart way – and save yourself some money along the way – right? The only caveats that I would place on this is:

1. Don’t consolidate lower interest loans into a consolidation loan with a higher rate.
2. Don’t take your lower payments to mean that you have “more money left over” that you can then just go out and spend. Stay committed to your goal of erasing your debt. Commit extra money towards paying off your loan earlier.
3. Don’t create new debt – ie; don’t get a new loan to fund a boat, landscaping project/etc. Save up and pay cash.

I agree with both of you – don’t take lending club to be an easy answer, because it’s not. It’s still debt and you’ll still need to pay it off. By the same token if it makes sense for you and it will save your family money – by all means move ahead.

5 none

I am sorry, but this post reeks of a paid post. Is that true?

6 Matt Jabs

Well, no… I didn’t get paid to write it. But I do get a percentage of any sign ups that take place through the links (as it says in the sidebar.)

This is a promotion to sign up with Lending Club. I’m not sorry, or ashamed of that in any way.

Consolidating my debt through LC helped me quite a bit, and I am happy to let others know of the opportunity… so people can take it or leave it.

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