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I’d like to take this time to address and expound upon my newly formed category list for this website.

The categories I chose for DebtFreeAdventure are based upon the principles used in the book “Your Money Counts – The biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving, and getting out of debt.” by Howard Dayton.

This website is in no way infringing upon the copyright of the book mentioned, instead it is a journal of one man’s chronicles to become debt free using the principles from said book.

Here is the category list I will be using along my description of each:

  • Bible – Biblical references regarding the handling of finances, Jesus Christ, or salvation.Your Money Counts
  • Budget – Information on budgeting and how it is a must regarding your finances.
  • Children – Training children to understand that all things are from God, that money is only being entrusted to us by Him temporarily, and that we needs be faithful stewards of that money.
  • Counsel – Any form of outside help we can get to aid us in the proper handling of our finances.
  • Debt – How to get out of it as quickly and as biblically as possible.
  • Giving – All things are from God and we cannot properly manage money unless we are giving according to His Word.
  • Honesty – “Ill gotten gain shall not prosper!”
  • Investing – The proper saving and investing of our money according to God’s Word.
  • Spending – How to spend our money wisely.
  • Work – Work hard, as unto the Lord.

Let it be noted that my wife & I do not currently have any children, but of course we need to prepare ourselves to properly train our future children in the way of finances according to God’s Word.

I do not forsee any categories being added or taken away from this list, however I will do as the Lord leads me in this endeavor.  My prayer for this website is that the Lord will lead me in my efforts, will work through me to help my family and my readers, and will bless my efforts abundantly; for without his blessing all is vain.

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1 Jeffrey Van Camp

I wish you the best of luck. Debt free is the way to be!

2 DebtFreek

Mr. Van Camp! Good to hear from you buddy. Thanks for the encouragement…and the rhyme! 🙂

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