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My apologies if you have had trouble visiting over the last few weeks.  We have been having trouble with our hosting company and have since made the move to better, more reliable environment.

We were hosting with DreamHost in a shared environment – but they kept killing the processes running our web server.  The result was, DFA would go down several times a day for around 30 minutes each time.  Since I have big plans for Debt Free Adventure, and plan to have it around for years to come I have decided to make the move to a more reliable VPS hosting environment.  I am actually making the move with a long time friend & blogging partner of mine – K of Shankrila.  We decided to go with and are very happy thus far.  As a matter of fact is residing there right now, so if you are experiencing any strange behavior, please report it in the comments. We did have a few issues along the way but have succeeded in bringing everything back online & fully operational.  The speed has greatly improved since the move and I’m happy to say that the site has not randomly “gone down” since – which is very refreshing and satisfying!

My hopes & goals for moving DFA revolve around providing my readers with a more stable and reliable source for bible based personal finance information. I am excited about the move and now plan to shift my focus back to writing great articles to help you & I move closer to our goals of becoming debt free.  Thank you for your patience during site outages, operations will be much improved from here forward.

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Wow, I am impressed at how fast the site loads now Matt. As soon as I get some time downtime I will have to start moving my sites as well! Glad we are in this together. 🙂

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