DFA Link Rally: I Bought a Scooter!

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For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter… I bought a scooter!

She’s a 2009 JCL MP50B scooter with 49cc of raw power.  🙂

Why did I buy it?  Many reasons actually… I will not divulge all of them today because I’ll be writing a detailed post on the matter sometime next week.  For now, suffice to say that it saves me a lot of money in gas, and I love buzzing around town on two wheels.

*Update* Here is the post I promised – Save Money on Gas, Buy a Scooter!

And now, on to this weeks link rally… which actually includes all the links from the entire month of April (due to my blogging vacation.)

Link rally for this week

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1 moneycone

Congrats! I think it’s a great move! (no pun intended!) 🙂

2 Financialbondage

never owned one, but they look like fun.

3 Do You Dave Ramsey?

Thanks for the link… and I look forward to the full scooter story.


4 MyFinancialObjectives

I’ve been considering getting an old chopper… Looking forward to the write up on the scooter! Also, impressive link rally!

5 Forest

Awesome :)… Love those little machines, much better for the environment than a gas guzzler too..

6 Lakita | Personal Finance Journey

Looks like your going to have fun! Thanks for the include as well!

7 Kate

I can’t wait for the full scooter story. I have thought of buying one in the past because I don’t go too far to work.

8 Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

Thanks for the links Matt! Hope you’re enjoying your scooter, wouldn’t work so great here in Edmonton, Alberta… we’re having a freak snow storm right now!

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