DFA Link Rally: Watching The Kids

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This weekend me and my wife have the pleasure of watching our 5 year old niece and 2 year old nephew… what a blessing they are.  Their parents are away on a week long cruise simply to get away for awhile and have some time alone together… we’re glad to help.

Last night we watched the first half of The Emperor’s New Groove, had some ice cream, went over Saturday’s schedule, then headed off to bed.

First thing this morning we feasted on a yummy batch of homemade baked French toast, finished our movie, then played outside for awhile.  Now we are having “nap time” then traveling to Uncle Josh’s graduation open house… it should be good fun.  These kids are just a delight to watch, and even though I’ve been coming down with a nasty throat infection all day and am having to keep my distance, they are very well behaved.

To all you parents out there, congratulations on being blessed with children of your own… me and Mrs. Jabs are still working on it!  🙂

And now for this weeks link rally.

Link rally for this week

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1 Peter

Thanks for the linkage!

2 Mike

Matt, if you like babysitting we would love to go on a trip without them. I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. Is next week ok? 😉

3 Craig/FFB

Yeah, if you think you need parenting practice we have three you could borrow!

It’s cool that you get to spend time with your niece and nephew. Enjoy!

4 Financialbondage.org

I have a niece and nephew… 9 and 5. very well behaved, but they are a bundle of energy… more than I have these days.

5 Jenna

Great that you are getting some practice in. Take care of that throat though.

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