DFA Missionaries – Get Out of Debt and Serve

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Uniting to Fight Debt and Serve

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. Romans 13:8

Greetings all, thank you for visiting DFA.

I’m happy to be bringing a few bits of exciting news today and decided a video was the best way to share… check it out.


There are several people who deserve a shout out for their contribution in helping me reach these decisions:

The concept of DFA Missionaries was born from a God-given desire to unite passionate debt freedom fighters on a mission to discover, grow, and serve.

Join The Mission!

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1 Shannon Steffen

Love the change you have made and have signed up for the mission! Taking the first step to become an entrepreneur is not easy but with the loving support of your family and your work being so ingrained in helping others, you will be a huge success!

Congrats Matt! I look forward to continuing this connection!

2 Matt Jabs

Thank you Shannon. God will not let me off the hook… I understand how Jonah must have felt, trying to run, but God wouldn’t let him. Finally giving in, having faith, and passionately pursuing the mission… lights a fire in me that has never existed before. It doesn’t make conventional sense, which makes me sure it is the right thing to do. 🙂

3 Peter Anderson

Thanks Matt for your passion, I know that it will be inspiring to so many of us out there. Signed up!

4 Matt Jabs

Thank you Pete, it is a true blessing to inspire.

5 Money Smarts Blog

Great video Matt. Interesting news about the job.

6 Matt Jabs

Very interesting indeed.

7 Jenna

Yahoo! Congrats Matt!

8 Jason @ Redeeming Riches

Cool Matt! Sounds like some of the stuff I’ve been wrestling with in terms of True Wealth and a New Retirement. Life comes down to people, passion and purpose – I think you are helping others identify their passions and purpose so they can help other people and glorify God through it all! Signed up!

9 Matt Jabs

Thanks Jason. God has put a burning desire inside me to help others realize there is more to life than just work, saving, and retirement – namely, a mission of deep meaning. Joy fills me every time I see someones eyes light up in understanding of these things. God bless, keep working to find your mission… and go for it.

10 Rob d

Moving slowly to get out of debt. Definitely want to help others do the same via DFA missionaries.

11 Matt Jabs

Awesome Rob… let’s do it.

12 Ryan

Very big congrats, Matt! Wish you the best with DFA Missionaries. 🙂

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