Dryer Savings – DFA Tip of the Week – 3/16/2009

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There are many ways to reduce costs in our every day lives, so to help do just that each Monday I will post a money saving “Tip of the Week”.

“And he said unto him, Well, thou good servant: because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over ten cities.”  Luke 19:17

This weeks tip involves…saving money when drying clothes.

Modern society has beguiled us into believing we need to run the dryer after every load of clothes we wash.  Don’t believe it my friend!  Here are a few tips to help you return to the old world style of clothes drying.Clothes Drying Rack

  • If it is nice outside hang your clothes out on the line – This will dry them for free & will give them that “Outdoor Fresh” naturally.
  • If it is not nice out (or if you live in Michigan like me) use one of these modern clothes drying racks – My wife & I have one of that folds up & stores behind the door of our laundry room when not in use, we use it all the time.
  • Clean your lint catch after every use – this allows the air to more freely move through the unit, using less energy.
  • This is my favorite tip & one I thought of myself. Use an Absorber with every load – My buddy Fred introduced me to The Absorber on a camping trip last summer & I loved it.  Mrs. Jabs ended up buying me one for Christmas and now I use it all the time.  We throw it in with each dryer load we do and it cuts our drying time down to 2/3rd the normal time (so if our dryer time is normally 60 minutes, using the Absorber will cut it down to 40 minutes).  Since each dryer load can cost you between $.35 – $.45 you will save around $.10 to $.15 with each load!

If you utilize all of these things every time you do laundry you can save yourself upwards of $100 – $200 (or more) every year.  This may not sound like a lot, but any fan of frugality & personal finance knows that little things over time add up to big things!

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1 Mary Q Contrarie

I have found an all wood and made in America laundry drying rack that I really like. I can open all or some of it. I found it on the website http://www.bestdryingrack.com/.

2 A.J.

I fill the container that is used for softener with vinegar on every wash. The vinegar clear the clothing of any soap residue. Which DRAMATICALLY decreases the temperature and amount of drying time needed. Now my full load of towels is set to the lowest temperature and the lowest time, and they are perfectly dry. Also the vinegar reduces lint and the need for a dryer sheet.

3 Matt Jabs

Wow… sounds like an awesome idea. We will definitely be giving this a shot. Thanks AJ!

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