Finance Reminders Worth Passing On

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$25 bonus for new Capital One 360 Savings Account at Capital One 360

Are you tired of your current bank?  I never enjoyed a bank until I opened my first Capital One 360 Savings Account at Capital One 360.  Since that day I have opened eight additional Capital One 360 Savings Accounts and one Capital One 360 Checking Account.  I can honestly say that I enjoy banking with Capital One 360.  I use their Automatic Savings Plan (ASP) to funnel monthly contributions to all my savings accounts.  ASP makes fast growing savings a no-brainer, which is how I like it.  Once you commit to automatic savings, you’ll never miss the extra amount from your budget.

If you are ready for a switch, would like $25 free money, and think Capital One 360 sounds like a good deal… visit the Capital One 360 Savings Account page and follow the instructions to open a new account today.

Lending Club – invest at 10% and borrow as low as 8%

I have both borrowed and invested with Lending Club.  My opinion?  I am impressed enough to promote them on both fronts.  Back in 2009 we borrowed from Lending Club to pay off our credit card debt and auto loan debt.  The loan was on a 3 year term and we repaid it in just 7 months.  w00t!  Since then, I have been investing with Lending Club to help fund the debt consolidation of other fellow debt haters.  I really dig it.  I am currently earning 10.86% return on about $2,200… and I keep investing every month.  There are currently so few options (if any) for the average Joe to earn high rates of return on his investments… making Lending Club another no-brainer in my book.

If you need to borrow or are looking to earn decent returns on investments, read my review of person to person loans with Lending Club and check it out for yourself.

Betterment is one of my two favorite ways to earn interest on my savings! They have an awesome program for the Average Joe to save and invest simply and effectively. There are no minimum balance requirements and no transaction fees. Read my Betterment Review or open an account to get started earning now.

1 Jenna

Thanks for sharing the information!

2 Carol@inthetrenches

It is an excellent time to consider changing banks! The most well known banks continue to sabotage all efforts for economic recovery as evidenced by the recent numbers on the loan modification program.

3 Matt Jabs

I agree Carol, and ING Direct is the only “non-local” bank I currently trust enough to do business with (they never took bail-out money either.)

Other than ING Direct, we use a local credit union, mostly as a clearinghouse account for cashing paper checks, and depositing cash… which ultimately gets transferred into our ING accounts.

4 nickel

Actually, the ING Group (the Dutch parent company) took a nearly $15B bailout over in Europe and they’re being forced to sell off ING Direct by 2013 as part of the settlement. So while they didn’t take TARP money, the company *did* take bailout money.

5 nickel

P.S. I’m still a fan of ING Direct.

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