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Yesterday I asked my Twitter buddies to share a 140 character testimonial (using the hashtag #frugalfice) of a sacrifice they have made for the sake of frugality that turned out to be a huge blessing to them and/or their families, and so “The Frugalfice” was born…

I would like to add that I am unabashedly grateful to be part of the awesome network of Personal Finance blogger’s on Twitter.  I owe a debt of gratitude to many of you and since I cannot stand to owe anyone – anything – anymore…please accept this most sincere thank you as payment  in full!


To start, let’s define a few terms for our readers:

  • Frugaladjective:  Economical in the use or appropriation of money, goods or provisions of any kind; sparing; not profuse, prodigal or lavish.
  • Sacrificeverb:  To surrender or suffer loss for the sake of obtaining something.
  • Frugalficeadverb?:  A frugal sacrifice that ends up blessing you or  your family.

Just in case you are stammering to a dictionary to verify the validity of the third word…I made it up.   🙂

The frugalfice was conceived from a yearning to recognize & promote the awesome benefits that have resulted from the frugal sacrifices of some many hard working individuals and families!

The Frugalfice Testimonies

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Before I deliver the testimonies, I would like to passionately convey this powerful truth to my readers:

  • That which seems a sacrifice at first will most times yield unexpected benefits and blessings that far outweigh the original sacrifice itself.

I will start with my own short testimony, then deliever the 15 tesetimonials I received yesterday.  If you would like to share your own frugalfice testimony, I am utterly anxious to hear it and strongly encourage you to leave it in the comments section below this post!

My Frugalfice Testimony

@MattJabs – Six months ago wife & I sacrificed going out to eat.  We have since been blessed by a $5,000+/year savings, increased health, decreased weight, & a closer relationship!

Frugalfice Testimonies around the PF Twittersphere

  • @lrgche – LRG of Financial Family Life testified:
    sacrificed: HD TV & DVR, blessing: watched too much TV anyway! now more family time
  • @MoneyMatters – Pete of Bible Money Matters testified:
    1 frugal sacrifice that we’ve made is not to pay for Cable TV of any kind, even though we would like to at times.
  • @moolanomy – Pinyo of Moolanomy testified:
    my wife and I stop ordering out for lunch and pack left over instead. We save at least $15 a day and feel healthier!
  • @FMFblog – FMF of Free Money Finance testified:
    Gave up multiple sports/events for kids. Now only one per season. Saved us money & resulted in more family time.
  • @KIntheHouse – K of Shankrila testified:
    I gave up traditional landline for long distance and chose Magicjack (non-local areacode) saving 100s of $/yr.
  • @ManVsDebt – Baker of Man Vs. Debt testified:
    Driving cheap, paid-off cars, rather than getting payments. Cars were a complete & utter blessings. Tough at times, but worth it!
  • @SuburbanDollar – Kyle of Suburban Dollar testified:
    We have sacrificed the temp in our home to save, and boy does it help. 78 summer 68 winter, costs less than 72/72
  • @GetOutOfDebtGuy – Steve of Get Out Of Debt testified:
    Cut back our electric usage. The journey began with a desire and has ended with me saving $330 a month.
  • @moneyrelation – Adam of Money Relationship testified:
    I have given up soda. It is saving us quite a bit of money each week and I feel healthier already!
  • @The_Weakonomist – Phillip “The Weakonomist” of Weakonomics testified:
    I gave up coffee shop coffee @ $1 per cup and brewed @ $0.25 per cup for instant at $0.06 per cup. Save time & money.
  • @mymoneyshrugged – MMS of My Money Shrugged testified:
    I gave up going out to lunch everyday, went from spending around $210-250 month to around $60
  • @Matt_SF – Matt of Steadfast Finances testified:
    I gave up my blackberry. Since I work from home, it seemed like a major luxury I didn’t need.
  • @NealFrankle – Neal of Wealth Pilgrim testified:
    – Gave up entire family going on big trips….split trips allow more focused time w/one child and big $ savings
  • @fcn – Nickel of Five Cent Nickel testified:
    Driving on most vacations instead of flying. Takes longer, but we save money, and the trip is way more memorable.

Isn’t it refreshing to focus on & recognize the blessings & successes in our lives?!!

It would be great to see some of my friends mentioned above elaborate on their frugalfice in the comments.  Also, if you did not get a chance to reply via Twitter, or if you don’t have any clue what Twitter even is…I strongly encourage you to share your own frugalfice testimony in the comments.
Thanks again for sharing, and God bless.

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1 Matt SF

Great list! Imagine if just 2% of the population followed these simple money saving tips!

2 K-IntheHouse

Excellent collection of tweets buddy! Thanks for adding mine in there.

3 Jeff@StretchyDollar

Matt – thanks for this – gotta love the frugalfices everyone is making.
“That which seems a sacrifice at first will most times yield unexpected benefits and blessings that far outweigh the original sacrifice itself.” – Amen, brother!

4 Mom

I will add a note to say that many of these frugalfices are things I have done and just taken for granted most of my adult life. Of course I grew up in a different era from most of you and I did eat a lot of beans and hot dogs in my childhood. The blessing that comes from all this is that I have never been bound to a job or a location I could not stand because I was in debt way over my head. I have never had to become a corporate slave just to pay the bills. And, I have no debt except for a mortgage (30 year fixed) on a house I purchased recently after remarrying. However, according to the best Debt Free Adventure advice, I have a plan to pay it off in 15 years or less. It is very refreshing for a 50 something person to see a return by the younger generation to more sound financial, spiritual and moral values. Congratulations, all of you!

5 Paul @ FiscalGeek

I’m powering down everything I can find in the house, not so much a frugalfice as just commen sense. Also gave up the phone data plan, I just don’t need to be connected 24×7

6 Matt Jabs

Thanks for all the comments everyone.

I love promoting testimonies of success. It is one of the reasons I like alternative sources of media…the MM (mass media) only spews death, destruction, & despair…out with them I say!!

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