Google Going Out of Biz – What Happened?

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Why is the Internet giant closing its doors?  Come find out…


I can’t believe you fell for it.  🙂

You deserve it – c’mon… you know better than that!

Google going out of business… LOL

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1 Jizzo

I was gonna punch you in the mouth. I just changed to gmail.

Good one. You got me.

2 Carlos

LOL – you got me! All I got to say is watch your back Matt! You don’t know when pay back is coming, but it’s coming! (sinister laugh……..)

3 myfinancialobjectives

lol, you didn’t get me, though I thought if anything it had to do with something in China considering whats going on over there… Good one!!!

4 lostAnnfound

MFO, I thought the same thing as you about China. 🙂

5 Lakita (PFJourney)

I didn’t believe it for 1 second! Nice try though 🙂

6 arthur

you got me. I fell for it. they have changed their name to topeka which is a dumb move to me. Unless their kidding? that may be a joke also.

7 Matt Jabs

Ha ha, yep… they’re kidding too. Every year Google does an April Fools joke. Here is a link to their jokes in past years… my favorite was high speed Internet installed through your toilet (Google TiSP!) 🙂

8 Kate

Good One, my favorite yet!

9 Arthur @

I think they are a big Obama $$$ supporters as I recall… perhaps they gave so much money they went out of business. lol

10 harvestwages

Good try, i fell into your trap

11 Manny

Catchy title. Nice one. You really caught a lot of us there.

12 Red

You got me too! Lol, I just spotted this in the reader and opened it without looking at the date. I was thinking, “Why haven’t I heard about this on the news yet…?” :-p

13 saundra

LOL it’s not even the first and you got me! i was like OMG really i can’t believeit! man i feel like such a dweeb now lol.

14 Tim

How could I fall for this one? LOL

15 Kate


16 Alexis

Very nice…very nice! LOL! I feel so girlish right now….:S

17 Money Reasons

Ironically, they did go out of business in China (sort of)…

Well, actually they left of their own accord. China wouldn’t lift censorship limitations on google, and Google claimed China hacked into their site.

So, in a sort of kind of way, they did go out of business… 😉

18 ElleEdu

Always a joy to read your articles, and always learn something new! thumbs up!

19 Business Debt

I love the way you had adverts placed on here, april fools = income

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