Hopeful Debt Story of Angie and Raymon

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Debt slavery realized

The other day I received an awesome email from DFA reader Angie.  I asked if I could publish it – in an effort to encourage others – which she happily agreed to.  Here is her story – it’s a great one that will hopefully be a blessing to many.

Thanks Angie and Raymon.

Debt testimonial of Angie and Raymon

I came across your website when I posted a search for “saving for retirement while in debt.”  I found my answer and a whole lot more.  I truly appreciate what you are doing with this site.  It’s important to show the world that God is the true deliverer of debt bondage.

I had not approached my debt as a type of bondage in the past. We were generous with our debt using it to give to family members, thinking we were doing good.  We thought it was no big deal as long as you can pay and manage it. The recent changes by credit card companies gave me a rude awakening to the trap that debt is.  My husband and I recently dedicated our lives to Christ and we want to give as much as we can to God’s work not our own as we did with the credit cards.  Never looked at how bound we were to debt until we realized how it hinders us from freely giving.  What a waste and how much could we be helping the ministry and others if we weren’t paying sky high interest charges.  Herein lies the bondage of debt. Anything that keeps you from God’s plan for your life is bondage.

Not trusting that God would provide for us and being content with that led us to depend on credit to meet needs (and a lot of time, wants).  We’ve turned all our dependencies over to God and He is doing miraculous things in our lives.  We used to feel like there was a leak that money just ran out of (every kind of random money eating problem you can think of).  Now that we let God take over our finances the leak is being plugged.  Debt is on its way out and needless expenses are disappearing.  God is disciplining us about money and opening our eyes so we can become good stewards of God’s money – this is not an easy process and we need constant prayer to stay focused so please add us to your prayer list. We are on our quest to “owe no man but to love him.” (Reference to Romans 13:8)

Thanks for sharing your journey!!!!

God Bless
Angie & Raymon

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1 Jenna

What a great story of encouragement. Good luck getting out of debt.

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