I’m Back! Vacation – New Job – Back on Track

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Hello all, it certainly has been awhile.  The last article published before today was the arguably lame April Fool’s Day post about Google going out of business.  All in good fun.

Where have I been?

Vacation.  Ahhh, and boy was it nice.

We went to Conroe, TX to visit with my step-sister and her family.  We traveled in my step-step-grandpa’s motor home and were accompanied by my dad, my step-mom, and her step-dad (my step-step grandpa.)  Although it may seem an unlikely group… the trip was awesome.  We set off on Thursday night, April 1st and returned home on Sunday evening, April 11th.  The vacation from our day jobs lasted 2 weeks, but I chose to take a bit more time away from writing on DFA.  Why?  Well, simply because I needed to.  Writing articles about personal finance every single day is great, but not giving myself a decent break now and again would result in burnout.  Since I am not interested in “burning out,” I took the necessary break.

What’s new with me?

I landed a new job.  I gave my current employer my 2 week notice last Friday.  I will start with my new employer on Monday, May 17th and am looking forward to it.

I made the move because the opportunity with my new company is more attractive.  I am hiring on as a Technical Consultant, with the understanding that I will move into Technical Sales after some time.  I have been working in Tech Support for 10 years now and recently came to the realization that my career path will serve my family much better with a move into sales.  I have no sales experience, but definitely have the personality for it.  Beyond that, having some type of direct control over my earnings is the other motivation behind the career path move.  Being directly compensated for my level of effort just plain makes sense.  It is something I have never had in my career and it is high time I started moving in that direction.

I did not take a complete break from writing

Most of you know that aside from running Debt Free Adventure, I am also a regular staff writer at Five Cent Nickel.  Here are the articles I wrote for FCN while on hiatus from Debt Free Adventure:

  • Are You In a Dead End Job? – Warning signs to help you recognize a dead end job, along with useful strategies to help you move on.
  • The Debt Free Vacation –  A brief synopsis of our recent vacation, how we saved the money before we left, and how you can enjoy the your own debt free vacations.
  • Thoughts on Lending Money – Do I lend money, how I handle it when approached, and some great strategies to help you through the process.
  • Don’t Take a Vacation From Your Budget – The reality of how a vacation spending mindset can easily spill over into every day life, and how to avoid it.

Back on track

And now friends… I am back on track.

Starting today I will resume the regular posting schedule on DFA whenever possible… a daily article Monday – Friday with a round up article every Saturday.  Please understand that I do not let my writing interfere with my day job, so if my day job requires some extra time, I may miss a posting day here and there… but not often.

Also, remember that I am always looking for solid guest articles, so if you would be interested… shoot me an email (Matt [at] Debt Free Adventure [dot] com.)

Thank you for sticking around!

A big thank you for all of you who reached out to make sure I was not dead, or did not quit… I appreciate it.  Rest assured that we are still very passionate about our Debt Free Adventure and will not stop until the day we reach that sweet land of freedom from debt!  Heck, I’m sure I won’t even stop there, I’ll simply move onto the next phase of personal finance.  🙂

Cheers and Godspeed!

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1 Lakita | Personal Finance Journey

Welcome back and congrats on the new job! I’m sure you’ll do great!

2 Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Glad to see you back! I thought I had missed a secret email or something, lol. Good luck at your new job and I’m glad you had a great vacation!

3 Patrenia

Congratulations! Glad to see you back, but there’s nothing like a little R & R. 🙂
And your goal to work in sales? Awesome as well. It’s great to have the potential of a larger income.

4 Matthew

That’s wonderful about both the vacation and the new job. Very excited for you!

5 Kate

Glad you enjoyed your vacation and also that you are going to start regular posts again!

6 David

Congrats on the new job, Matt. Exciting stuff! I’d be interested to learn more about your new gig sometime…the new job I’m in is technical marketing and a little bit of sales, too. So far it’s treating me well.

7 nickel

Welcome back, and great news on the new job!

8 FInancialBondage

was wondering why you were not posting. now it makes sense.

9 Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog

Congrats on the new job and welcome back!

10 Len Penzo

Congratulations on the new job, Matt – and the well-deserved break! I’ve always said you are one of the hardest working guys in the personal finance blogosphere!

All the best,

Len Penzo dot Com

11 ChrisFM

We all need vacations once in a blue moon, but it’s good to hear you’re back!

12 Matt Jabs

Y’all rock! And I’m fixin to let ya know I’m not just sayin that cuz I just got back from Texas. 😉

13 Vera

Congrats on the new job! All of us need a break from blogging every now and then, but it’s great to have you back writing posts!

14 Jason @ Redeeming Riches

Awesome Matt! I’m sure you’ll rock at sales – you are a very motivated person and persistency pays off in sales! Great job and congrats!! I wish you the best!

15 Paul

Great to see you back, and good job on taking a vacation and visiting family.

16 Mom

Hi Matt! Good to see you back. Maybe you should prepare your readers ahead of time when you decide to take a vacation! Sounds like they missed you. I know I did! Congratulations on your new job. I think sales may be the job you will thrive in.

17 Peter

Congrats on the new job Matt, i know you’re going to do well! We all missed your posting! 🙂

18 MyFinancialObjectives

Ahhh Welcome back and congrats on the new job! I was wondering what happened to you, figured it was vacation! Two weeks must have been so nice!!!!

19 RainyDaySaver

Congrats on the new job and best of luck! Glad to have you back. I’m looking forward to more great DBA posts!

20 RainyDaySaver

and by DBA, I meant DFA!

21 Forest

Glad you had a good break and congrats on landing the job….. I could never do sales, just not built for it!

You do write a lot on finance, a break must be more than needed at times!

22 Kevin@OutOfYourRut

Congratulations on the career move! Sometimes you just need a fresh start. Think of all the new writing material you’ll get from working in sales.

Will the new job flow better with your blogging activities? ie, home basing?

23 Erica Douglass

Welcome back!

24 Neal@pilgrim

Welcome back you handsome devil!

We missed you man!!!!

25 Carol Schultz-Weil

All very cool! Another new adventure for you!

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