Don’t Forget To Do Your Taxes

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As a final reminder, the deadline to file personal federal tax returns is Tuesday, April 17th.  This is also the deadline for state returns and tax extensions.

Ways to file?

File manuallyDownload the forms from the IRS website, fill them out, and mail them in.  This is the slowest way to file. File online – Finish faster and make it a whole lot easier on yourself by using an online tax program and efiling your return.  Another advantage to using these products is that they include audit reviews to help you avoid an IRS audit.

IRS Free File – If your 2011 AGI was $57,000 or less you qualify for the IRS Free File program where you can choose from several different companies to file your federal return (some also support state retuns.) Individual company offers are limited so be sure to review the criteria before choosing. If you go this route I recommend using the IRS “Help Me Find a Company” tool to find a program that works best for you.

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I have my taxes about 90% done and will be finishing them up this weekend.  Thank goodness.



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1 Echo

Thanks for the mention Matt, enjoy your weekend!

2 John

Thanks for reminding us all! For small business owners too: don’t forget to file your quarterly estimates! This one can really go unnoticed – and then when tax time comes around, surprise!

3 Matt Jabs

Great reminder on the estimated taxes John! I was planning an article for that soon too. 🙂

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