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Cutting to the chase…

Looking for more Personal Finance blogs to read?  Check this out…

Money Crashers has developed the ultimate ranked list of the best personal finance blogs.

Introducing the Money Crashers Top Personal Finance Blogs list.  Enjoy.

For those who like details…

Up till now, similar lists have been easily finessed by simple efforts of cross-linking and targeting visiting, thus reducing the credibility of the rankings.  Enter Money Crashers.  Tired of the status quo, the MC team committed to formulating a unique algorithm that factors oodles of statistics to calculate a weighted score based on all data sourced.

For you nerds out there, here are the criteria used to assemble this balanced list:

FeedBurner subscribers, Twitter followers, Alexa rank, Compete rank, Technorati authority, Google PageRank, number of inbound links according to Yahoo, SEOmoz rank, and SEMRush organic search value, etc.

Money Crashers found that by accounting for all of these factors, they are able to compile a very accurate, continually up-to-date list of all of the top blogs.  Pretty cool stuff.

Another neat feature is that you can look at the rankings by category (e.g. Investing, Frugality, Deals & Coupons).

Introducing the Money Crashers Top Personal Finance Blogs list.  Enjoy.

How this helps you…

This list provides us with a solid list of credible resources all in one place.  Narrow the selection to your category of interest and beef up your feed reading and/or email subscription list.  I already added a few I was unaware of and I’ve been immersed in the PF blogging community for years.

Way to go MC, thanks for putting together this helpful resource.

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1 Olivia

Hello Matt,

This looks like a good list of possible writing venues. Find places with good ratings that are in alignment with your values.

2 Matt Jabs

Good point, I could use it as a guest posting guide. 🙂

3 Evan

Wow a really cool list, but I am much higher on wisebread LOL. Kinda hurts!

4 Olivia


5 nick

finally!! thank you!

6 Khaleef @ KNS Financial

I like it, but like Evan, I’m much higher on Wisebread (about 200 places higher). But I do like the idea of a ranking based on multiple factors.

7 Andrew @ Money Crashers

Thanks for the mention on the list Matt! You’re doing an awesome job with DFA and it shows with your awesome ranking. No reason you can’t continue to rise and grow. Keep up the great work here!

8 Andrew @ Money Crashers

@Evan and @Khaleef, totally hear ya and of course a higher ranking is always great. But hopefully you see this is a more accurate ranking, because I think you’ll find that a higher ranking on this list will reflect some truly great stuff you’re doing with your blogs and mean things are going great for your blog, and it’s showing some awesome growth! And the fact that your ranked at all is already awesome. There is no reason you can’t shoot up the lists! Thanks for the feedback and feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

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