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Yesterday I had the pleasure of appearing on Mr. Credit Card’s Blog Talk Radio show.

I had a great time in the interview and ended up talking with Mr. Credit Card for another hour and a half after the show… obviously we had a LOT of interesting things to talk about!

Mr. Credit Card runs a very helpful website that focuses on helping consumers find the best credit cards for their individual needs.

Topics Covered

  1. How I got into debt
  2. How I was rejected for a balance transfer credit card, which I planned to use to consolidate my debt at a lower rate.
  3. My experiences with lending club – and how I successfully used LC to consolidate all my high interest debt at a lower rate!
  4. How my wife and I talk about our finances and how we successfully overcame her anxiety about money and budgets.

The interview covered the above topics plus a whole lot more!

Listen Here…

I hope you enjoy!

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1 Peter

Listened in to the interview – great job!

2 MoneyEnergy

Nice job! Listening to it now.

3 Jason @ One Money Design

Well done, sir. I enjoyed the interview and your openness!

4 Matt Jabs

Thanks all… I had a really good time doing the interview. Heck, I always have fun doing interviews! 🙂

5 Alan

Your article on this blog is fantastic.
Well done! I’m a big fan of your blog and be sure to keep up the great work.
I plan on returning and linking to your site.
Alan H.

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