My New Twitter Background – What do you think?


Follow me on twitter...Last night I was set to go to bed by 11pm after reading this article, but that plan did not end up panning out for me.  Once I began messing around with my twitter background it was inevitable I would be up until it was finished…that’s the way I work ladies & gentlemen.  That being said, I’m actually glad I stayed up.  The background is finished and I am quite happy with the look of it.  If you’re interested, I used the info on this post from Twitip to build the custom bg.  The biggest issue is making sure you are properly implementing the picture dimensions to match the browser dimensions of largest percentage of your readers.  All in all I am pleased with the end product.

Although I tweet under my given name of Matt Jabs, I decided to incorporate DFA into my twitter theme, since this site is currently my main focus.  Featuring DFA on twitter will help me spread it around the web & reach a greater audience.

I have two questions for you.

  1. What do you think of my new DFA themed twitter background?
  2. Do you think I should have created separate twitter accounts for,, & another separate one for my personal tweets (MattJabs)…or did I make the correct decision by using MattJabs as an umbrella twitter account for everything?

Help a brother out…

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