My Property Taxes for 2009 Decreased

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Yesterday I received my yearly property tax adjustment from my township. I was happy to see that the taxable amount of my home decreased by just over $6,000 for 2009.  What does that mean to me?  It will decrease my yearly property taxes by around $240 for 2009.  Although I would have liked to see them decrease more abundantly, so they more accurately reflected the current worth of my property, I’m simply happy they decreased at all!

How about you?  Did your property taxes decrease, and if so, by how much?

Did  you know that if you think your property taxes were not correctly assessed you can appeal the matter with your state tax tribunal?  The appeal process differs from state-to-state, but in most states you must file your petition by the middle of March of the current year.

I live in Michigan, so I will use my state as an example.  Per the State of Michigan website, “Property tax appeal” means any proceeding relating to real and personal property assessments, valuations, rates, special assessments, refunds, allocation, or equalization or any other proceeding brought before the tribunal under the state’s property tax laws”.

THE GENERAL PROPERTY TAX ACT of 1893 Section 211.154 Titled “Incorrect reporting or omission of property liable to taxation; placement of corrected assessment value on assessment roll; certification of taxes due; change in assessment; collection of additional taxes; penalty and interest; refund of excess tax payments; appeal.” states:  (7) A person to whom property is assessed under this section may appeal the state tax commission’s order to the Michigan tax tribunal.

This link lists all the forms you need to file and lists the “Top Ten Reasons Why Your Stipulation Will not be Accepted”.

Personally, for the minuscule amount of money it would save me, I wouldn’t put myself through the trouble and all the legal headache to most likely be denied in the end.

Would you take the time to appeal your property tax amounts?

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1 A.J.

My property taxes increased by $ 17.00. Not much But I did not like it. I filled out the form to protest. I went there on my appointed day, early, and asked to speak with an appraiser for an informal review. I asked for a reduction, cited that home values were down in my area by 4.75%. She immediately agreed and gave me a 9% reduction. It seemed that all someone had to do is show up presentable, ready, ask rationally and politely.

2 Matt Jabs

Nice work AJ, most people are overwhelmed by the whole process. Thank you for leaving this comment, I trust it will be an encouragement to someone who can use the help.

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