Capital One 360 Bonus – Free $50 and $25 Bonus

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Capital One 360 savings accounts present us with a very solid and useful savings platform.  In fact… I liked it so much I opened and account and have all our savings with Capital One 360.  My advice is for you to do the same.

Free $50 Bonus Links!

Capital One 360 is offering a free $50 bonus to all new customers who open an Capital One 360 checking account.

There are no ATM fees, no monthly fees, and no account minimums. All you have to do is open a new Capital One 360 checking account and make a total of 3 card purchases within 45 days. Your $50 bonus will automatically be deposited into your account on day 50.

My Capital One 360 Savings accounts

Use the Orange account savings for setting up savings goals for yourself and/or family.

Here are screenshots of my Orange account savings:

My Orange automatic savings plans

Another benefit you will want to take advantage of is the Capital One 360 automatic savings plan.  Use this feature to set up automatic monthly contributions to each of your Capital One 360 Savings accounts to put funding your savings goals on autopilot.

Here are screenshots of my Orange automatic savings plan contributions:

The Capital One 360 account savings is awesome.

My wife and I use accounts very actively and advise you to do the same… you will be happy with how much it helps you save!

Betterment is one of my two favorite ways to earn interest on my savings! They have an awesome program for the Average Joe to save and invest simply and effectively. There are no minimum balance requirements and no transaction fees. Read my Betterment Review or open an account to get started earning now.

1 Olivia

How long is the cash tied up for once it’s deposited?

2 Matt Jabs

I believe the $25 bonus is dependent upon your $250 deposit staying in the ING Orange savings account for 30 days from the date you opened it.

3 Kate

I was thinking of looking into an ING account but like Olivia was wondering what the timing is for depositing and also withdrawing money. It also looks like you can have numerous arms you are saving for in one account, is this true?

4 Matt Jabs

Like I said to Olivia, I believe the term is 30 days to leave at least $250 in the ING account.

Yes, you can create multiple accounts VERY easily… this is part of the beauty of using ING Orange savings. My wife and I create a new account whenever we establish a new savings goal, and as you can see, we have quite a few.

5 robbiekay

Thanks for including the screenshots. You used the term “multiple accounts”. Is it that they’re truly multiple accounts or that their website actually allows you to subdivide your total within one account? One of my aggravations with our current set-up is that there’s a lump of money in savings, and while I can figure out from our budgeting software how much of it set aside for this and how much of it is set aside for that, I wish I could just go to that account and get a breakdown of it. On the other hand, I don’t want to have 3+ separate savings accounts which all then have to be kept up (separate deposits, reconciling, etc.). I haven’t been able to locate information about this on their website, which is unfortunate, because they’re the only ones I’ve heard of with a set-up like this…seems like it could really be good selling point for them.

6 Matt Jabs

Excellent question RobbieKay.

I have great news for you… everything you just mentioned comes true in the ING Orange account. I had all the same problems you mentioned above, and wanted all of the same features… and I found them in ING.

You have one login that lists all you savings “accounts.” They are all different accounts with their own unique acct #’s which allows you to track and manage each Savings Goal independently, yet you can move money between each of them with just a few clicks.

Opening and/or closing each account is painless and takes just a few minutes to accomplish. Basically it is kind of like having a folder structure for your money, kind of like you do for your computer files… in fact it’s a lot like that.

7 Kit

Hi there – when is the bonus $25 deposited into the account? Immediately or at the end of the 30 day holding period?

8 Matt Jabs

As long as the account was opened from one of the links in this article, and a minimum of $250 was deposited… the $25 should show up in the ING account once the $250 deposit clears.

9 XJ

Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting to open an ING account until I found one of these $25.00 offers. I really appreciate. (Please cross out link #25, I used that one.) Thanks!

10 Matt Jabs

Glad to provide the link to you XJ – every $ counts!

11 lrgche

Once you run out of referral links for your self, have you thought about doing something like Consumerism Commentary used to do (don’t know if Flexo’s still doing it or not) where you get links from readers and then put those out there for other readers?

Us non-bloggers have a hard time using all the referral links between family and friends (or maybe I just don’t have enough friends!)

12 Matt Jabs

That’s is a great idea Lance. I asked Flexo about it… he stopped offering it for 2 reasons:

  1. it was difficult to manage
  2. ING asked him to stop

13 lrgche

Once I wrote that comment that it looked like Flexo had stopped doing it, it dawned on me that ING may have asked him to stop due to the number of readers and their response to the “program”.

I’m sure there are other “creative” ideas that might allow something similar but remove the burden from you having to manage it to something where your readers could get involved sharing referrals with each other.

By the way I have really enjoyed all the new content you’ve put together recently. Good quality stuff!

14 Matt Jabs

Thank you Lance – I love writing about this stuff! Yeah, a platform for people to actually take advantage of their referrals would be awesome… Something to bring those with referral links together with those who desire them.

15 Austin

I love ING checking b/c my girlfriend and I both link to our joint account and it makes paying back sooooo easy. They revolutionized checking in my mind.

Now, if only their savings account interest could start heading north again…

16 Matt Jabs

Yeah, ING Checking is amazing – I always say that ING is the only bank I have ever enjoyed working with. Before working with them banking was always about picking between the lesser of evils.

Rates? We’ll be waiting for quite awhile for those to bounce back I’m afraid.

17 Kenny

I hope this bonus link would work for the new opened org saving account. Just let you know I have used link 30. Thanks for your invites!

18 Kenny

How long will the bonus be deposited to the new account?

19 Matt Jabs

I believe it hits your account once your deposit fully clears. You can call ING and ask them… their phone support is phenomenal – when you call you actually get a real live person right away!

20 Chris Huntley

Hey Matt.
Thanks for the referral! I have just a couple questions.
I tried to do a similar savings plan with Wells Fargo, but I had to open up about 7 different savings accounts, all with different acct #’s, and all charging me $3 per month to keep the account open. I would then transfer a bit to all of them from my checking account which was kind of our hub, where our paychecks were deposited. But I didn’t like all the acct #’s and the fees. I see you doing a similar thing, but was wondering if they are all different savings accts, or if ING keeps the money segregated for you in some type of sub-account without paying extra fees.
Also, thanks for the $25 offer. Is that link something I can copy and email to friends or do they need to come to this webpage?
Kind Regards,
Chris Huntley

21 Matt Jabs

Hey Chris, you’re welcome. ING does not charge any fees at all. All the accounts do have different numbers, but are essentially just separate folders for managing your different savings goals. The referral links can only be used one time each, if you need more, let me know and I can email you one.

22 Chris Huntley

Cool. Thanks. I was wondering what all those crossed out links were all about.

23 CathyB

Do you have to have a checking acct with ING in order to use the savings accounts? I think the various savings accounts would be wonderful and much easier to use, but I don’t really need another checking account.

24 Matt Jabs

Nope, I started with a few savings accounts and was so pleased that I dumped my existing bank and opened an Electric Orange checking with ING a month later. My sister just uses ING for savings and loves it.

25 Financial Samurai

Hey Matt!

Welcome back! Just wondering about something. Do you think the frequent affiliate related posts you wrote to make money kind of accelerated your burn out process?

I ask b/c I was once asked to edit a paid post, and it felt so boring, and so uninspiring that I haven’t put one up since. I’ve also thought about hiring someone to write these affiliate related posts in an upcoming site, b/c I just can’t stand it.

Love to hear your thoughts!


26 Matt Jabs

No, that didn’t factor into my lack of recent updates – it was mostly summer and a new job. Thanks for stopping by Sam.

27 Financial Samurai

Gotcha. Maybe we can do a collaboration, b/c I am absolutely no good at writing affiliate type posts, and it definitely seems like you are. We can do a revenue split arrangement!

28 Matt Jabs

With a little practice you would find success quickly… I am but an amateur. I’m starting a new strategy that involves mostly personal posts (I like them better) w/about a 20% monetized post rate; making them both purposeful and pointed, yet useful to readers and searchers alike.

29 Financial Samurai

Great to hear you will be writing more personal posts! 20% monetized post rate sounds like a good balance.

30 robbiekay

Hi Matt. Just an FYI that link #21 is no longer valid per the message I received when I clicked on it.

31 Laura

Hey Matt – Thanks for this website. I’m looking to set up an Orange Savings account and would love to take advantage of the bonus. I tried links 46 and 47 and both are expired. Do you happen to have any new links? Thanks!

32 Elliott Post

Hi Laura,
Do you still need a referral? I can offer you one. I have 47 remaining on my account and it’s a win/win. You get $25 referral and I get $10 too.


33 Kevin @ SpringCoin

So many recent posts about this ING bonus. Is this a new thing that just came out? I might have to jump on the bandwagon and open up an ING account.

34 Matt Jabs

They’ve been offering it for awhile, it’s a great bank, I use them.

35 Latia

Yes! ING is a great bank. I use them as well. If anyone needs a referral, please let me know. I have 40 available 🙂

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