PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 & 3 Results

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While Baker at — flies, bus rides, & backpacks — his family half way around the world, we’re gonna help a brotha out by taking some of the work-load off his shoulders.  Specifically, the participants of the PF Blogger Weight Loss Challenge have tweaked the operations thereof in an attempt to delegate responsibility and achieve community balance.

Here’s the new skinny…

In an attempt to make this as easy & painless as possible each team has elected a “Team Leader”.  TL’s will now collect the weekly weigh-in numbers and report them to the newly created BWLC Weight Tracking spreadsheet (thanks to Krista of Zeta team for the tweaks).

The spreadsheet automatically calculates the weekly & overall numbers for each team & individual.  Here are the responsibilities of everyone involved, don’t worry…it’s much easier than it sounds:


  • Report your weekly weight loss numbers to your Team Leader by Saturday evening at the latest (Be proactive with this…nobody likes hunting people down).
  • Read the weekly PF BWLC posts, continue to work toward your weight loss goals & encourage your fellow teammates.  Trash talk encouraged!

Team Leaders

  • Email your teammates on Friday/Saturday to collect numbers by Saturday evening.
  • Log into the Google Docs shared weight tracking spreadsheet & punch in your teams numbers (only Team Leaders have access to the doc).
  • Continue to work toward your weight loss goals!

So who’s going to post the results?

I’m glad you asked…this week Beta Team leader (Me!) is posting results, next week Gamma TL, after that Delta TL, etc.  Next week’s results host will be Mrs. Micah of The Gamma Team.

We are spreading the “Results Posting” love out to the team leaders as a benefit of volunteering.  Hosting a results post is similar to — but much easier than — hosting a carnival and offers the following benefits of increased traffic, links, & exposure (we encourage link love between & amongst everyone).

The winning team’s participants will benefit by having there latest article linked to in the results post.

Example: Week 3’s winning team is BETA TEAM so I will link to the latest article of each member from the winning team.  In return, each member can add back-links to their site as desired (again, we encourage link love between & amongst everyone).

So without further ado…

Week 2 & 3 Results:

Here are the results of the spreadsheet which you can click to see a larger .pdf version.  Also, below I will post the winning team for each week & post links to each winning team members latest article.  Enjoy!

Click to enlarge - Week 3 results

Week 2 Results:

Winners – GAMMA TEAM!

As a competition we lost a total of 16.8 reported pounds (there were a few participants who didn’t report weigh-in’s)

Congrats to everyone and especially to the Gamma Team.  Keep up the good work…

Week 3 Results:

Winners – BETA TEAM!

As a competition we lost a total of 19 reported pounds (again, there were a few participants who didn’t report weigh-in’s)

Congrats to everyone and especially to the Beta Team.  Keep on truckin…

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1 SavingDiva

Thanks for putting this all together!


Hate to be a pain… but calculating the winner based on total weight lost seems backwards/unfair. You should do the percentage of weight lost since the last weigh in.

eg I am 100 pounds in week 1, I am 95 in week 2… I lost 5%. You are 300 pounds in week 1, 285 in week 2, you lost 5%. We tie, even though you beat be in raw pounds by a factor of 3.

3 Matt Jabs

If you can & will make a spreadsheet to calculate everyone’s weight in this manner based on the info at hand, take that horse & run with it. Personally… I think that would be the “most correct” way to do it, but don’t have the time to deviate from the course set at launch.


I’m not participating so it doesn’t do me any good to make that 🙂 But it wouldn’t be hard if you already have a spreadsheet set up!

That’s just the way I do it at work (I’m the coach of a team) because it levels the playing field. Otherwise the team with the 500 lb guy could easily beat the team with a bunch of 120 pounders.

All you are doing is normalizing the results.

5 Matt Jabs

Yeah, makes perfect sense. I’m waiting for a volunteer 😉 , otherwise gonna go w/what Baker set up.

6 Brad

I reported all weeks results so I am not sure why it wasn’t passed on. I lost 3.5, gained 1 pound, and had no gain or loss in 3rd week.

7 Matt Jabs

Hey Brad, your numbers have been updated. We are now reporting all weigh-in’s through Team Leader’s – your TL is Laura (Green Panda).

Thanks man!

8 MoneyEnergy

Nice idea, I didn’t know you were doing this – must have missed an email or something!

9 Matt Jabs

It was something Baker @ ManVsDebt started but couldn’t keep up with while backpacking all across the world… so I picked up the slack.

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