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Weight Loss Week 8

Where Do We Stand?

We just entered into our FINAL WEEK of the weight loss challenge & so many people have done an INCREDIBLE job!

As a group of 30 people, we have lost a total of 130 pounds over the course of 8 short weeks!

Some people/teams faded away into the evening sunset but the majority of teams & team members are still going strong… great job everyone!  You are all very encouraging and very inspirational.

To change it up a little bit… I’m going to ask that each member of the weight loss challenge leave a comment detailing their biggest key to success.

I will start the forum off by giving my two largest keys to success here:

  1. I stopped gorging myself at meals & switched to smaller more frequent meals.
  2. I switched to eating predominately local, organic, healthy foods as much as possible.  In an effort to not waste money or make to extreme of a change, me & my wife committed to finishing up our “bad” groceries then buying increasingly more healthy from that point forward.  What kicked it into high gear for my wife was watching the movie Food, Inc.  It is a MUST watch.

Week 8 Results:

Winners – BETA TEAM!

As a team we have lost a total of 31.5 total pounds in 8 weeks!

Congrats to everyone and especially to the Beta Team.  Keep on truckin…

The Standings heading into the final week:

Heading into the 9th and FINAL WEEK we are neck & neck in a dead heat between Team Beta & Team Zeta grid locked at 31.5 pounds each!

  1. Beta Team – Total weight lost = 31.5
  2. Zeta Team – Total weight lost = 31.5
  3. Gamma Team – Total weight lost = 28
  4. Alpha Team – Total weight lost = 19.5
  5. Delta Team – Total weight lost = 11
  6. Epsilon Team – Total weight lost = 8.5

This is the kind of stuff that separates the boys from the men not to mention the girls from the women! Who wants the title?  Which team is hungry?

WE SHALL SEE!  We will find out next week when the numbers are tallied and the final results posted for all to see!

GO TEAM BETA – work it like a strizzo!

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1 Josh Smith

My biggest keys to success so far has been turning down seconds and not letting a slip up destroy my work so far.

2 Laura

I’ve been using an iPod app called Lose It for my food journal. Its made me more conscious of what I eat. I also record my exercises, so I keep track of what I’m actually doing.


Since I have lost such little weight…..I feel I have no right to say what’s motivated me…since it didn’t work.

4 Kelly

I haven’t been that successful. I struggled with a foot injury for the first few weeks, and have been taking it slow with exercise so it will be a lasting change.

The things that have helped me be more successful are the app Laura mentioned, as well as balancing things better. for instance I got a coupon for free ice cream, so I walked a mile each way to the store and back to burn the calories I consumed.

5 Mrs. Micah

What’s kept me motivated is having my husband as a workout partner. The last few weeks I haven’t been able to make myself lift as often (either time management or plain old laziness) but I’m getting to at least half my goal by running enough and lifting some days.

6 Matt Jabs

@Josh – You’ve been blowin’ it up lately… nice work. I turn down seconds too, I like to say “I quit hoggin!”

@Laura – Keeping a food journal reminds me of keeping a spending journal… always a good idea, especially at the onset.

@Neal – The competition isn’t over Neal… c’mon man suck it up!! 😉

@Kelly – I find balance to be key in EVERYTHING. Also, instead of calling it “cheat days” my wife & I call it “treat days”, because we’re not cheating… we’re treating. I think that is an important mindset change. Nice work on your balance, very encouraging.

@Mrs. Micah – I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone mention getting a partner yet. That is a fundamental key to exercise/weight-loss success. I have also enlisted the partnership of my wife. We do cardio together & have worked really hard to totally change our food mindset. Keep up the stellar work.

7 Kim: Blogging for Change

I haven’t lost much weight, but I did start training for a 1/2 marathon. I am happy to have run 8 miles on Sunday, so I am trying not to worry too much about my weight loss failure!

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