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Greetings all, and especially to those of you who subscribe to, and read DFA updates via your favorite feed reader!

I’m writing this post to specifically invite you to come out of your feed reader bubble world 😉 and visit DebtFreeAdventure to see the recent site updates.  To summarize, here are some of the updates I have made & would very much appreciate your feedback on.  Please leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

  • I updated the look and feel to try & make it more “friendly and inviting” (well, that was my goal…what do you think?).
  • I made only the most recent post appear in full view, and all subsequent posts appear as snippets.
  • I added my Twitter feed to the left sidebar (ah…just go ahead & follow me!)  😉
  • I placed to very relevant graphs on the top of my right sidebar.  One is tracking the progress of my debt reduction goal for the year, and the other my savings goal.  I really like these!  Thanks to “Learn Financial Planning” creators for writing the plugin!
  • I added a widget half-way down on the right sidebar to search the Webster’s 1828 dictionary for word definitions.  I did this because the definitions in Webster’s original dictionary are far more accurate and biblical than the definitions in all subsequent versions.  Do you agree or disagree?
  • I added a picture at the end of each post that invites readers to subscribe to my RSS feed.  You only see this invite if you are viewing a single post.  Thanks to Trevor Fitzgerald for writing the Subscribe-Remind plugin.  PS…I use this instead of the WWSGD plugin.
  • Lastly I changed my Google Adsense ad placement quite a bit.  I removed all ads from the home page with the exception of a 125×125 block in the right sidebar (which I hope to replace with a sponsor soon).  I added a small banner ad to my other pages, and added a large rectangle to the beginning and end of my individual post pages.  I did this because through the trial & error of Adsense placement on, I have found the best result with this arrangement.  What do you use?

Thank you for “breaking out of your feed reader” to come visit DebtFreeAdventure in the flesh!  I hope you are in someway blessed by the content herein.  Please comment here to let me know what you think.

Matt the DebtFREEk!

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1 Lakita

Well done! I usually read in Google Reader, but I like the new design layout.

2 DebtFREEk!

Hey Lakita…

I use Google Reader too, it is awesome. Thanks for visiting & checking it out, I appreciate it.


3 K-IntheHouse

Looks pretty cool Matt! I really like the savings/debt reduction charts.. it can be a really great motivator to look at them!


4 DebtFREEk!

I believe the charts will turn out to be more and more rewarding the closer I get to my goal.

I’m VERY excited to watch them progress!

5 Shaun Connell

I must say, I really like it. Very usable, organized and clean. Great job!

6 DebtFREEk!

A resounding thank you Shaun! I appreciate that.

Also, thanks ever-so-much for your development of the graph plugin…it truly is a blessing to me. Being able to see my debt shrink & savings grow, every time I look at my website, makes me smile big!

7 Ankit

Hi Matt,
Thanks for dropping by.It actually helped me discover your blog.Dont know how it use to look before but i have to say,that the current design is perfect for a PF blog.minimalistic and neat.
u have a new subsciber from now on:-)
Have caught u on twitter too!!!
Dint know KInTheHouse frequented here,have been tailing him fr quite sometime.Haven been luckily enough to get a visit from him:-)

8 Mom

Hi Matt, just wondered why you dont include a graph on the National Debt, just because it does affect each and every individual’s finances that pays taxes now or will in the future. It is a dilemma for me because I want to render unto Caesar that which is Caesars, but, I also dont agree with many of the spending policies that our tax dollars go to support. Would it be within the scope of Debt Free Adventure just to keep people aware of the out of control deficit spending policies in Washington?

9 DebtFREEk!

Not a bad suggestion. I will consider it, although will have to put some thought into how I would incorporate it in.

10 Trevor Fitzgerald

Hi Matt!

Glad you like the Subscribe-Remind plugin. It’s great to see people customize it to fit their needs. 🙂


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