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The Plutus Awards

What the heck are they?  Good question…

For the past few months Flexo of Consumerism Commentary has been engineering “The Plutus Awards,” an awards ceremony designed to celebrate the best in personal finance.

In ancient Greek mythology, Plutus was the god of wealth. Much like wealth itself, Plutus was blind, offering his virtues without regard for the virtuosity or merit of the recipient. He was lame but winged, leaving much more quickly than he could arrive.

Debt Free Adventure chosen as a finalist

Much to my delight, Debt Free Adventure was chosen as a finalist for 5 of the 27 categories, including “Blog of the Year!” Thank you very much to everyone who nominated myself and DFA for the awards.

If you want to skip all the niceties and head straight over to the voting both then Go Vote Now.  I really appreciate all of your support!

Here are the 5 finalist categories DFA will be competing in for the final votes:

  1. Best New Personal Finance Blog
  2. Best Debt Blog
  3. Best Religious Finance Blog
  4. Best Microblog (Twitter)

And now I will list each category along with all the finalist so you can see everyone, pick your favorite (:-)), and go vote for your favorites.

Best New Personal Finance Blog

Blogs that were new to the personal finance blogosphere starting in 2009!

Vote Now

Best Debt Blog

We all love these… blogs focused on getting out of debt!

Vote Now

Best Religious Finance Blog

All five of these blogs are Christian personal finance blogs striving to run their advice through the wisdom of Scripture whenever possible… which is your favorite?

Vote Now

Best Microblog

This is basically for the best “Twitterer.”

Vote Now

Blog of the Year

If I were only to win one of these 5 I would be honored, but winning this particular award would blow my mind… I appreciate your vote.

Vote Now

Thank you all!

Thank you again for all who nominated and voted for DFA… this site may not have been here if it weren’t for you.  Also, let’s send a big thank you to Flexo for putting it all together – you da man Flexo.

Now Go Vote for Matt Jabs and Debt Free Adventure!  🙂

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1 ChristopherFM

Congrats on the nomination, Matt! DFA is up there with some real ballers. 😉

2 Lakita

Congrats Matt! Going over to cast my votes!

3 Bible Money Matters

Sorry, I can’t vote for you in all of these.. For “Best Religious Finance Blog” there’s one other site that I really like that I may vote for! 🙂

The rest – you’ve got my vote!

4 Financial Samurai

Congrats! I think you have a competitive advantage because D comes before F! lol.

5 kick debt off

Congrats Matt! Keep the great stuff coming.

6 Mom

I am so proud! I voted, impartially of course! 🙂

7 Forest

Awesome stuff…. already cast my votes earlier today and voted you in 3 or 4 out of 5 of those I believe…


8 Len Penzo

Congratulations, Matt! Your nominations are well deserved!

All the best,

Len Penzo dot Com

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