2 Giveaway Winners To Announce!

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2 great giveaways – 2 great winners

Congratulations to both contest winners!  Here are the details.

Your Money Ratios Giveaway

I really enjoyed reading Your Money Ratio’s: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security and am very excited to be able

to facilitate the giveaway from TLC Book Tours.  I have chosen the winner randomly using random.org, and have included a screenshot of the random choice.

As I referenced in my Your Money Ratios review, the book does a fine job of addresses and attempting to master all areas of personal financial concern with a non-emotional and simple solution… the 8 ratios.

Without further ado, the winner is… SailboatFamily who said:

“I’d love to win the book… I could then compare the author’s “masses” numbers with our ratios. Given our life goal and lifestyle is so different than the rest of the world, it would be fascinating to compare and contrast them.

As a cheap sake, unless I win, I guess I will never know!”

Well… your wish has come true.  You now get to be a cheapskate AND read this solid new PF book!  How cool is that?!

We hope you enjoy the new book, and the use of the rations against your own retirement income progress and goals.  It is a noble topic.

$100 Holiday Debt Giveaway

This contest is the first I ever ran here on DFA.  I was honored and happy to team of with Steve Rhode of Get Out Of Debt.org.

Steve and my purpose for running the contest was simply to raise awareness of the very real problem of holiday debt spending.  We wanted to get people thinking about how to start saving for next Christmas right away (if you’re into spending money on Christmas gifts.  We also wanted to highlight encouraging testimonials from commentators to prove to others that debt free holidays are possible, and simple… like any other good thing, it just takes a little extra planning, preparation, and sticktoitiveness.

And the winner is… Karthik who said:

“I shopped with cash so it was a ‘holiday debt’ free holidays for me. That’s the best way to do it so you don’t have the guilt hanging over your head come January 1st.”

We hope you are able to use the $100 for something great… just remember to use it wisely!

Karthik was 1 out of 68 commentators who followed the rules of Holiday Debt Giveaway by leaving comments on both my post and on Steve’s post, and was also picked randomly using Random.org.

Stay tuned for more…

Thank you all for participating in both awesome giveaways.  It was a blast to be able to offer the book and the cash to all of you.  Be sure to keep reading and watching for more awesome articles and more great giveaways!


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1 SailboatFamily

Thank you for having the contest. Our family is looking forward to receiving the book and learning what it has to offer. Being cheap and learning is pretty cool indeed.


2 Karthik

Thank you Steve & Matt! I am so thrilled.. this $100 is going straight into our vacation fund we are saving up for a dream trip this year! You guys made it that much closer of it coming true.

Congrats to SailboatFamily as well!

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