Save Money by Buying Sale Items in Bulk

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Just a quick post today to help you save money on groceries.

As you know I am big into taking control of your own income/debt situation by focusing on giving yourself a raise.  By this I simply mean slashing expenses, reducing your debt load, and saving some for emergencies as ways to increase cash flow on your terms.

In the spirit of these principles I wanted to offer you a specific example of yet another way we save money to give ourselves a raise…

Save money by buying bulk items while on sale

Although I don’t always do it, last night I accompanied my wife on her trip to the grocery store.  We had our list and were only in need of a few items, although we always check our frequently purchased items to see if they are on sale or not.  Well… they were.

Since changing our diet over a year ago now, we focus on eating healthy and have cut out virtually all junk foods.  Prior to the change ate a ton of “snack foods” like Triscuits®, Cheez-Its®, Doritos®, etc.  Knowing that we had to replace these snack foods with a healthier option we turned to organic blue corn chips and fresh salsa instead.  *Note: Some may think of Triscuits® as healthy but remember that they are made with GMO wheat.

We did grow a garden this year and were able to make about 20 jars of homemade salsa, but that was consumed rather quickly and now we have to purchase that as well.  Because we eat chips and salsa so often, we always buy it in bulk when it goes on sale… and last night was a perfect example.

Buying in bulk is fun…

My wife and I got a HUGE laugh out of stuffing 10 bags of chips and 14 containers of salsa into our cart.  As a matter of fact, we had to go switch carts half way through shopping because the short cart we started off with was no match for the bulk sale we discovered half way through shopping.  :-)

We ended up clearing the store out of their stock of each item, and laughing as we walked through the store getting strange looks from other shoppers.

How much did we save?

Here is a break down of the savings from this purchase:

  • Chips: regular price = $5.69 | sale price = $4.49 | $1.20 savings per bag times 10 bags = $12.00 in savings
  • Salsa: regular price = $4.00 | sale price = $2.00 | $2.00 savings per salsa times 14 salsas = $28.00 in savings
  • Total money saved = $40.00

As you can see… buying staple items in bulk, while on sale, is just one more way for us to win at money!

We store all bulk item dry goods on shelves down in our basement, and we freeze refrigerated items… like salsa.

Money savings adds up fast

We adopted this way of thinking and have applied it to all areas of spending.  As you can imagine, it builds upon itself and over time adds up to quite a bit of money saved.

Thinking like this and shopping like this is just one more example of how to take control of our own money situation and give ourselves a raise!

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