The Bible Mission Reading Schedule

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Prelude info to The Bible Mission

Tomorrow I will publish a post describing The Bible Mission in greater detail, but wanted to get the reading schedule out to you today so those who wish to join can get started today and stay on schedule.

Beginning today – December 1st, 2010 – I will begin reading through the bible 7 times each year.  To accomplish this, approximately 23 chapters will need to be read each day.  To mix it up I have decided to split the reading into 3 daily chunks – Old Testament in the morning, Psalms in the afternoon, and New Testament in the evening.

Psalm 1:1-3 reads, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

I think it’s high time I took the Lord seriously, took Him at His Word, and turned my desire toward Him by spending a good portion of my days reading His Word.  If we do so, the Lord promises to prosper us… and that is the relation to personal finance, although the prospering should not be your desire, a pure desire is a hunger for God’s Word alone.

The Bible Mission reading schedule

Download the reading plan.

Following this reading schedule will allow you to read through the bible seven times per year.  God bless.

Old Testament daily reading (morning)

Dec 01: Genesis 1-16
Dec 02: Genesis 17-28
Dec 03: Genesis 29-40
Dec 04: Genesis 41-Exodus 2
Dec 05: Exodus 3-16
Dec 06: Exodus 17-29
Dec 07: Exodus 30-Leviticus 2
Dec 08: Leviticus 3-14
Dec 09: Leviticus 15-26
Dec 10: Leviticus 27-Numbers 8
Dec 11: Numbers 9-21
Dec 12: Numbers 22-32
Dec 13: Numbers 33-Deuteronomy 8
Dec 14: Deuteronomy 9-24
Dec 15: Deuteronomy 25-Joshua 5
Dec 16: Joshua 6-18
Dec 17: Joshua 19-Judges 8
Dec 18: Judges 9-21
Dec 19: Ruth 1-1 Samuel 13
Dec 20: 1 Samuel 14-26
Dec 21: 1 Samuel 27-2 Samuel 12
Dec 22: 2 Samuel 13-24
Dec 23: 1 Kings 1-10
Dec 24: 1 Kings 11-22
Dec 25: 2 Kings 1-13
Dec 26: 2 Kings 14-1 Chronicles 1
Dec 27: 1 Chronicles 2-11
Dec 28: 1 Chronicles 12-26
Dec 29: 1 Chronicles 27-2 Chronicles 14
Dec 30: 2 Chronicles 15-31
Dec 31: 2 Chronicles 32-Ezra 10
Jan 01: Nehemiah 1-12
Jan 02: Nehemiah 13-Job 10
Jan 03: Job 11-27
Jan 04: Job 28-41
Jan 05: Job 42-Proverbs 13
Jan 06: Proverbs 14-26
Jan 07: Proverbs 27-Song of Solomon 1
Jan 08: Song of Solomon 2-Isaiah 14
Jan 09: Isaiah 15-36
Jan 10: Isaiah 37-55
Jan 11: Isaiah 56-Jeremiah 7
Jan 12: Jeremiah 8-24
Jan 13: Jeremiah 25-39
Jan 14: Jeremiah 40-Lamentations 1
Jan 15: Lamentations 2-Ezekiel 13
Jan 16: Ezekiel 14-26
Jan 17: Ezekiel 27-40
Jan 18: Ezekiel 41-Daniel 6
Jan 19: Daniel 7-Joel 2
Jan 20: Joel 3-Nahum 3
Jan 21: Habakkuk 1-Malachi 4

Psalms daily reading (afternoon)

Dec 01: Psalm 1-5
Dec 02: Psalm 6-8
Dec 03: Psalm 9-13
Dec 04: Psalm 14-17
Dec 05: Psalm 18
Dec 06: Psalm 19-21
Dec 07: Psalm 22-25
Dec 08: Psalm 26-29
Dec 09: Psalm 30-32
Dec 10: Psalm 33-34
Dec 11: Psalm 35-36
Dec 12: Psalm 37-38
Dec 13: Psalm 39-41
Dec 14: Psalm 42-44
Dec 15: Psalm 45-48
Dec 16: Psalm 49-50
Dec 17: Psalm 51-54
Dec 18: Psalm 55-57
Dec 19: Psalm 58-60
Dec 20: Psalm 61-64
Dec 21: Psalm 65-67
Dec 22: Psalm 68-69
Dec 23: Psalm 70-71
Dec 24: Psalm 72-73
Dec 25: Psalm 74-76
Dec 26: Psalm 77-78
Dec 27: Psalm 79
Dec 28: Psalm 80-82
Dec 29: Psalm 83-85
Dec 30: Psalm 86-88
Dec 31: Psalm 89
Jan 01: Psalm 90-93
Jan 02: Psalm 94-96
Jan 03: Psalm 97-101
Jan 04: Psalm 102-103
Jan 05: Psalm 104
Jan 06: Psalm 105-106
Jan 07: Psalm 107
Jan 08: Psalm 108-109
Jan 09: Psalm 110-113
Jan 10: Psalm 114-117
Jan 11: Psalm 118
Jan 12: Psalm 119
Jan 13: Psalm 120
Jan 14: Psalm 121
Jan 15: Psalm 122-124
Jan 16: Psalm 125-132
Jan 17: Psalm 133-135
Jan 18: Psalm 136-139
Jan 19: Psalm 140-143
Jan 20: Psalm 144-146
Jan 21: Psalm 147-150

New Testament daily reading (evening)

Dec 01: Matthew 1-5
Dec 02: Matthew 6-10
Dec 03: Matthew 11-13
Dec 04: Matthew 14-18
Dec 05: Matthew 19-22
Dec 06: Matthew 23-25
Dec 07: Matthew 26-28
Dec 08: Mark 1-4
Dec 09: Mark 5-8
Dec 10: Mark 9-11
Dec 11: Mark 12-14
Dec 12: Mark 15-Luke 1
Dec 13: Luke 2-5
Dec 14: Luke 6-8
Dec 15: Luke 9-11
Dec 16: Luke 12-14
Dec 17: Luke 15-18
Dec 18: Luke 19-21
Dec 19: Luke 22-24
Dec 20: John 1-4
Dec 21: John 5-7
Dec 22: John 8-10
Dec 23: John 11-13
Dec 24: John 14-18
Dec 25: John 19-Acts 1
Dec 26: Acts 2-6
Dec 27: Acts 7-9
Dec 28: Acts 10-14
Dec 29: Acts 15-18
Dec 30: Acts 19-22
Dec 31: Acts 23-27
Jan 01: Acts 28-Romans 4
Jan 02: Romans 5-9
Jan 03: Romans 10-15
Jan 04: Romans 16-1 Corinthians 6
Jan 05: 1 Corinthians 7-12
Jan 06: 1 Corinthians 13-16
Jan 07: 2 Corinthians 1-8
Jan 08: 2 Corinthians 9-Galatians 2
Jan 09: Galatians 3-Ephesians 3
Jan 10: Ephesians 4-Philippians 2
Jan 11: Philippians 3-1 Thessalonians 1
Jan 12: 1 Thessalonians 2-1 Timothy 2
Jan 13: 1 Timothy 3-2 Timothy 3
Jan 14: 2 Timothy 4-Hebrews 4
Jan 15: Hebrews 5-10
Jan 16: Hebrews 11-James 3
Jan 17: James 4-2 Peter 1
Jan 18: 2 Peter 2-1 John 5
Jan 19: 2 John 1-Revelation 5
Jan 20: Revelation 6-14
Jan 21: Revelation 15-22

Download the reading plan.

Customize your reading

Feel free to read the OT, Psalms, and NT readings all in one sitting if you prefer – or – read the daily chapters in whatever order and/or time of day you wish… the most important thing – and the underlying point – is simply to immerse yourself in the Word of God every day.  Let us bring the meaning of Psalm 1:1-3 to life!

Psalm 1:1-3 reads, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

Again, the Lord promises to prosper us in this endeavor… and that is the relation to personal finance, although the prospering should not be your desire, a pure desire is a hunger for God’s Word alone.  God bless.

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1 Paul Williams

Wow, Matt – that’s a lot of reading! I’ve been trying to read more, but my schedule is more of a 3x per year. That takes a good bit of time to do in itself, so I’m sure 7x per year is at least twice as much. Have you figured out how much time it will take you each day?

2 Matt Jabs

Good question… over the course of this past month I ramped up my bible reading in an effort train myself to read so much. On average I would say this much reading takes me approximately 4 hours each day. It should also be noted that I am a slow reader, especially when it comes to the bible because I love flipping to, and reading, the referenced verses along the way.

3 Paul Williams

It’s certainly a good thing to do and I won’t discourage you, but that’s a lot of time! Maybe you could put up alternate plans for readers who don’t have quite as much time to devote to it – perhaps a 3x year plan and/or 1x year plan?

I like to read the references and study notes as I go along too, so that adds some time. It helps to understand it better though. Blessings as you study His Word, Matt!

4 Kris D

I have to say I agree with Paul, reading about 4 hours a day is a pretty intense commitment. Assuming 8 hrs of sleep (yeah right) that would be 1/4 of all waking time. The X1 a year seems much more reasonable to me and I know there are resources out there that already have a schedule for a yearly reading of the bible. With that said I commend you on the ambitious goal.

5 Matt Jabs

It is a lot of time, and it is a sacrifice, but that’s the point. The Lord promises to bless us when we sacrifice of ourselves for Him. The mission is an exercise in that concept, so it hits the mark. Alternate reading plans can be found all over the Internet for anyone who wants to seek them out, I may link to a few in the official Bible Mission post.

6 Kris D

Maybe misunderstood you when you started the whole DFA Missionaries and the missions (thought they were connected). I thought part of the point was to get other people to do the missions with you. Like on the clothing mission you had 3 levels for participate and share in the mission. That was my point not that I stated it very well. 🙂

7 Matt Jabs

The point of this post is to show what I will be reading… as I mentioned in the post, and comment reply, I will be publishing a main Bible Mission post tomorrow that will describe the mission in greater detail… and will be sure explain how others can join along.

None of us should overlook the main point… which is to read our bibles more. 🙂

8 Kris D

Ok I will simmer down 🙂

9 John VonDo

Nothing encourages me more than people reading their Bible. There is nothing that is more life transforming. It is also quite inexpensive entertainment to draw our satisfaction in Christ.

My reading plan, which I really enjoy and recommend, is to read the same 7 chapters every day for 30 days out of the NT. That allows a greater depth from the reading because of the repetition of the same passage. (I have a schedule) At that pace you read through the NT 30 times in 3 years. Then I read 5 Psalms a day and Proverb, both corresponding to the date (on the 3rd day of the month I read Psalms 11-15 and Pro. 3 so each month after 30 days you will read through both Psalms and Pro. once) and then read through the OT straight through. I try to read the OT book in its entirety if possible.

I would also encourage memorization and meditation. I try to memorize one of the NT epistles. It is amazing how enjoyable and profitable this can be. I think I would even encourage it over just reading. It allows it to sink in deeper and to take possession of the Scriptures. I have been working on this with my children and we make it a competition. Josiah memorized the first 20 verses of James in less than two weeks. I am obviously very proud of him.

Keep up the great work, nothing will change your life more. Man cannot live by bread alone. The Scriptures are able to build you up and to give you an inheritance. They are able to make you wise unto salvation. Receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save your souls.

God bless

10 Matt Jabs

Good stuff John. I’m sure I’ll be switching up my strategy after reading through the good book a few times… maybe after a year or so.

11 you be the bank

great schedule! takes a lot of dedication to keep up with a schedule like this but as various other people have said it will be well worth it! everyone could use more religion in their lives!

12 David H.

I’m planning to start reading my grandmother’s bible. Once I started in Old Testament and made it to Deuteronomy. I do like your plan, but will probably scale it back some as I have to study for the series 7 for my work and take MBA courses at night. Free time reading is a luxury I’m trying to find. Hope to get as dedicated at reading it as you are someday soon. Ciao.

13 Chris @

Wow. That’s a pretty strenuous schedule. There’s days that I’m lucky to get in one chapter! Good luck with it!

14 Jen

I’ve found that 5 pages a day will get you trough old and new in one year.
If you do it during your best part of the day it’s easier.
I’m a morning person.So I get up a few minutes early.
I have a friend that is a nite person She just stays up later.
Sometimes you can make up for the days you get behind.
Always read every day. It really helps the day go better.
Especially ,If you think about what you read.PTL!!

15 CJ Williams

Wow Matt, that’s an ambitious reading schedule! But I guess that’s the best way to read the Bible…with ambition! I’m ambitious but random in my Bible reading, but I’m really going to give this schedule a try in the new year (or a close variation of it). I look forward to updates on how your reading is going!

16 Dave Hendrix

wow it’s a busy schedule man…….good luck man hope you finish your traget in time.

17 Matt Jabs

Yeah, it turned out to be too much. I plan on publishing a post about it soon. Now I’m on a “just try and read the bible every day” plan. Live and learn.

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