Thoughts On Spending and Saving Money


Just a couple interesting things I’m investing in or saving money on lately.

Investing in the right shoes

Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves

I have weak ankles from years of playing full-court basketball.

Rather than isolate and weaken them further by wearing ankle braces, I’ve been looking for ways to strengthen them.

Enter barefoot trail running.

I hate blowing money on anything, but since I’m a proponent of investing in yourself (health, skills, etc.) I have no problem investing in a great pair of utility shoes that get me back to more natural movement while building ankle strength. That’s why I’m going out to buy these shoes as soon as I publish this article (did the research and love what I see).

I’m excited to see how these handle all the hiking and trail running I’ve been doing lately.

I’ll keep you posted. – explore your true nature is a website dedicated to something I have known to be right all along: natural exercise in lieu of gyms and a bunch of expensive equipment.

Much of it is done simply in shorts and bare feet (I’ll be doing it in my new shoes).

The MovNat website describes it as “an effective fitness system based entirely on using the full range of our natural human movement abilities such as walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and self-defense.  MovNat is for everyone, it is progressive and safe, and supports physical competency and conditioning for any area of life.”

They teach 13 basic movements that exist within 3 basic movement categories.

Simple, basic, natural, and inexpensive. I love it.

Owning vehicles

A few days back I made the announcement that we’re going down to one vehicle.

Originally we were going to sell both the 2000 Jeep Cherokee and the 2002 Grand Prix to purchase a used Pontiac Vibe.

We changed our minds.

Now we’re just going to sell the Grand Prix, keep the Jeep, and rent cars for long trips.

Keeping the Jeep instead of buying the Vibe will save us around $4,000.

Renting a high MPG car for trips will save us tons of money on gas, and save us from having the expense of owning 2 vehicles. We’re going back to Michigan in early April and plan to rent a Ford Focus or similar vehicle with great gas mileage, then just turn it in when we return.

Owning just one vehicle will save us hundreds every month on insurance, repairs and maintenance, fuel, and plates/registration costs (taxes).

What changes are you making?

What things are you doing to change your life for the better?

What purchases investments are you making in yourself?

What are you doing to earn more and spend less?


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