Weekly Christian Wisdom – Personal Finance Christians – 4/9/2009


Each week I post at least five helpful articles written by Christian personal finance authors from around the web. I pray the Lord uses these weekly posts to help others to draw others closer to Christ and closer to a debt free life.

This Weeks Helpful Articles…

  • Pete from Bible Money Matters saved us a bunch of time by doing valuable research on a government program Making Home Affordable Refinance & Loan Modification possible, and gives us the information we need to see whether or not we qualify.  ~@MoneyMatters
  • Bob at Christian Personal Finance talks about how to control spending by placing control of our spending in God’s hands & not our own.  ~@christianpf
  • NCN gives us 6 ways on how to avoid overdraft fees, which can save you so much if implemented as NCN lays out in his article. ~@NCN
  • Jay Peroni shares a story on the importance of contentment.  This is one of my favorite lesson topics because it can help any person be happy in any situation regardless of how much or how little they have.  ~@jayperoni
  • Mark Biller with Sound Mind Investing teaches us how to create your Own Personal Financial Plan.  Although this article is far from new, the wisdom it gives us is timeless.  ~@SoundMindInvest

My Thoughts…

All of these articles are excellent resources for Christians to pour over & glean wisdom from.  I praise God for men & women who utilize the Internet as a tool to spread the wisdom of God’s Word!

DFA is passionately dedicated to helping others break the bondage of debt using biblical principles.

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