Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance – 1st Edition – 7/3/2009

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I have been neglecting several things on DFA that I am finally getting around to implementing today.  Namely:

  1. Weekly round up of 5 articles that caught my attention & provide wisdom for my readers
  2. A list of where DFA has been linked to around the blogosphere
  3. Listing Personal Finance Carnivals for all to enjoy

Today is the 1st edition & start of “Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance”.  I hope you enjoy…

Weekly Articles of Personal Finance Wisdom

  1. The new normal economyby Phillip Brewer of Wisebread
    This is one of the better explanations I have heard for why the current frugality trend is here to stay… because the frugality trend IS normal, not the spending trends of recent years.
  2. Unconventional Money Saving Tipsa video interview with Rob Bennett of Passion Saving
    Here Rob gives 10 great, not so covered topics on how to be more successful with your finances.  A few of my favorites were to set a long-term savings goal of $100,000, and to have short-term savings goals to reach while pursuing your long-term goal.  After all… without a goal in mind, how do you know where you’re heading?
  3. Why Pursue Financial Freedom?by J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly
    Another must read from “the godfather” of personal finance.  For this article J.D. polled his Twitter followers for their opinions of what financial freedom meant to them (in 140 characters or less).  Check out J.D.’s take, along with the input of several solid personal finance minds.  If nothing else, this is a very important question for each of us to ponder.
  4. Spending Less Than You Earn. Sound Advice At Any Incomeby Peter Anderson of Bible Money Matters
    After reading this article I made a comment which Pete liked, “no matter how much dough you have, you can only make so many cookies”. This article highlights the financial health of “rich” celebrities who recently passed away and focuses on how you need sound financial practices no matter how much money you have!
  5. Sowing and Reapingby Bob Lotich of Christian Personal Finance
    Bob briefly writes about his own biblical stance on faith giving.  He is also very excited to “brag on God” & report a blessing received by an acquaintance of his, who after giving in faith was then blessed with an unexpected $6,000!
  6. 40 personal finance lessons I’ve learnedby glblguy of Gather Little By Little
    Glbyguy has just recently celebrated his 2 year anniversary as a personal finance blogger.  Rest assured, if you read this, you will pick up at least a few rich tidbits of personal finance gold!

Matt Jabs & DFA around the web

The following is a list of websites where I either authored a post or my content was covered.  First let’s start with all the weekly articles I have written for FiveCentNickel, that I have yet to link to for some *lazy* reason!

Matt Jabs on FiveCentNickel.com

  • How to Prepare for a Power Outage – Without a Generator – After a recent power outage, me & my wife compiled this list of ways to prepare for a power outage.
  • Off the Grid and Into the Future – We are constantly working toward more & more self-reliant living.  In this post I list some of our long-term goals, then report on a creative way to save money while tasting a little bit of the “off the grid” lifestyle despite still living in suburbia!
  • Is Personal Responsibility Dead? – Few things grind my gears more than people blaming other people for problems.  I am a HUGE fan of taking responsibility for your own problems, along with working toward solving them instead of complaining about them.  This post is one of my personal favorites & was a big hit around the web!
  • What’s Your Money Mindset? – Here I chronicle how my mindset has shifted from one of “trade your time for money” to a more fruitful & wise approach of “let your money work for you”.
  • Setting a Savings Ceiling – How Much is Enough? – One of my financial goals in life is to FULLY RELY ON GOD for financial security, not on my savings account.  In this article, I propose a “savings ceiling” which basically entails saving a certain amount, then giving the rest to the Lord’s work & trusting him for your security.
  • Save Money (and Water!) With a Rain Barrel – This article has been my most popular to date.  As you will read below it was also picked up by Lifehacker.com!  In it I chronicle how I am saving & increasing self-reliant living by buying, installing, & using rain barrels to irrigate my garden & landscaping.
  • Gardening for Health, Wealth, and Independence – This is the 2nd garden I have husbanded since striking out on my own.  This article gives the powerful reasons why I take the time to do so.
  • Benefits of Homemade Household Cleaners – In an effort to save money, increase self-sufficiency, and cut down on our use of chemical agents around the house I am attempting to make and use as many homemade household products as possible
  • Powerful Ways to Improve Your Life – I loved writing this post.  It lists a few of the techniques I am using to improve the life of myself & my family.  Look out Tony Robbins!
  • Breaking Free From a Culture of Temptation – This is my most recent post on FiveCentNickel.com.  Another favorite of mine, in it I write about the toll advertising has had on our culture and what I am doing to affect change in my own life, the lives of those close to me.

Other mentions I received around the web

Personal Finance Carnivals I was included in

DFA Articles Published to the Front Page of Tip’d

Tip’d.com is a A community for financial news, ideas, & tips

There are 16 total articles I have written that have been published to the front page of Tip’d! Click link to view them all, since I do not feel it necessary to link to each one individually… check them out!


That was tiring!  I am definitely going to have to stay on top of my weekly links from here on out.  There were actually quite a few from months past that I did not link to, but this post was waxing a little long on links, so I will just move forward!

Thanks to the Personal Finance (PF) community for all of their encouragement, links, advice, & help along the way!

photo by Mark G. Cappitella

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Well deserved, Matt! Keep up the great work!

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Thank you sir… I appreciate the compliment! Have a great 4th weekend.

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Congrats Matt! You’re doing such a great job! Upcoming PF Blog of 2009 —- wow very cool!

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Thanks Lakita! 🙂 That honor made me very happy, especially when a personal finance great like Nickel picked the list!

Have a great 4th weekend.

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