Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance – 2nd Edition – 7/10/2009


Patio and back yard

This weeks photo was inspired by all the time we have recently been spending installing our paver patio and back yard!

In my Weekly Wisdom posts I look to accomplish the following:

  1. Weekly round up of 5 or more articles that caught my attention & provide wisdom for my readers
  2. A list of places that have linked to my articles around the web
  3. Listing Personal Finance Carnivals for all to enjoy

Today is the 2nd edition & start of “Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance”.  I hope you enjoy…

This Weeks Articles of Personal Finance Wisdom…

  1. Five Money Dilemmas and What I’d Doby Free Money Finance
    CNN Money recently wrote a post titled, “Do the right thing in a recession” where they listed 5 common money dilemmas and how we should react to them.  Personally… I like FMF’s answers better!
  2. Rule #4: Eliminate (and Avoid) High Interest Debtby Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar
    Recently — in response to a reader question —  Trent came up with a list of fourteen basic “rules” that summarize his money & life philosophy. He is presenting his rules as a weekly series,  This week Trent counts the ways in which high interest debt (and even low interest debt) is a terrible idea.  This spoke to me… as you may remember I also calculated my own Interest Amount Paid in order to establish a proper relationship with my debt.
  3. Best Financial Calculators! – by J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy
    This is an AWESOME list of financial calculators that encompasses everything from “When will I be debt free?” to “Which online broker is best for me?” Above providing us with his list of 15 useful calculators, JM also gives us a link to 3 other similar lists!
  4. How Credit Card Companies And Credit Repair Firms Deceive Consumersby Pinyo of Moolanomy
    Pinyo reminds us that, “In the credit card world, scam operators are taking money from innocent customers without adding value, misrepresenting claims and simply performing shoddy service.”  He goes on to encourage us by offering up a few excellent ways avoid being susceptible to such scams.
  5. Your Take: What Would You Tell Yourself 10 Years Ago?by Jim Wang of Bargaineering
    This is a fun post where Jim asks us to consider what we would tell ourselves if we could travel back in time 10 years.  Oh my word!!  I would tell myself so many things… what would you say to your younger self?

Matt Jabs & DFA around the web…

Here are the weekly DFA posts that made it to the front page of Tip’d.com!

The following is a list of websites where I either authored a post or my content was covered.

Personal Finance Carnivals I was included in…

Thanks to the Personal Finance (PF) community for all of their encouragement, links, advice, & help along the way!

Enjoy your weekend…and spend wisely!

DFA is passionately dedicated to helping people break the bondage of debt & work toward financial freedom using biblical principles.

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