Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance – Dining on a Dime Edition – 8/8/2009

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This weeks photo was inspired by the awesome book my wife recently stumbled upon.  “Dining on a Dime is packed with over 1,200 money saving recipes and tips, kids tips and snack ideas, gift baskets, menus, food storage directions, homemade cleaning products, and personal products. The recipes are easy to cook with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. To make shopping easy and economical author Tawra Kellam has also included a pantry list and a shopping list.”

In my Weekly Wisdom posts I look to accomplish the following:

  1. Weekly round up of 5 or more articles that caught my attention & provide wisdom for my readers
  2. A list of places that have linked to my articles around the web
  3. Listing Personal Finance Carnivals for all to enjoy

Today is the Dining on a Dime edition & start of “Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance”.  I hope you enjoy…

And now on to this weeks Wise Money articles:

This Weeks Articles of Personal Finance Wisdom…

  1. Take the Small Wins with Your Money and Your Lifeby Paul of Fiscal Geek
    It’s easy to become discouraged or change the course of your financial vessel if you haven’t received any form of perceived benefit.  Perception is key, you may be making all sorts of progress but if you haven’t recognized that or someone else hasn’t pointed it out to you could quickly lose your focus or your motivation.
  2. The Short Term and the Long Term Choiceby Trent of The Simple Dollar
    Many things in modern life are nice in the short term, but incredibly painful in the long term… like credit card debt.  Again and again, humans choose to value the short term over the long term.  To combat this, spend a day thinking about what this activity will be worth to you in five years.
  3. What Yoda Taught Me About Money Masteryby Neal of Wealth Pilgrim
    This may seem like a bold statement but let me tell you something.  If you are serious about mastering your money skills teach them to someone else!
  4. Should You Give Money to a Homeless Person?by Jason of Redeeming Riches
    It’s happened to all of us.  You’re walking along minding our own business when suddenly you are approached by a disheveled homeless guy holding out a cup begging for change.  Should you oblige?
  5. A College Degree Does Not Guarantee a Jobby Patrick of Cash Money Life
    To expect a job simply because you have a degree is naive. To expect a multitude of job offers in a difficult economy, when people with years of experience have been unemployed longer than you have had a degree, is grossly naive.  You need to work for it. You need to bring real skills to the table. You need to show how your skills and experience separate you from the other 100 job applicants, some of whom have decades of practical experience – not just an all right GPA.
  6. The Power of Resourcefulness: A Guide to Peeing in the Showerby Baker of Man Vs Debt
    Recently I took a reflective look at the power of resourcefulness in all areas of my life.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized the impact that it had on nearly every aspect of my finances.

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Thanks to the Personal Finance (PF) community for all of their encouragement, links, advice, & help along the way!

Enjoy your weekend…and spend wisely!

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