Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance – Fantasy Football Edition – 9/11/2009

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This weeks photo was inspired by the beginning of another great year of Fantasy Football.  Wives… ready yourselves for a long winter’s nap!

My History with Fantasy Football

I started playing fantasy football (under the handle “JabsBeCreepin”) back in my college days – we’re talking WAY back in the 1900’s folks.  Since I am already a huge football fan, my transition into fantasy seemed natural and quite bound to happen.  Over the course of the first few years I truly fell in love with the everything fantasy football had to offer and was becoming quite a force to be reckoned with among my fellow fantasy cohorts.   Then it happened…

Somewhere along the way, I became a man possessed – just ask my wife.  For the last two years I have spent WAY too much time picking, arranging, rearranging, and repicking my players – watching the games, tallying the scores, switching from channel to channel, yelling at the television, jumping, yelling some more, celebrating, strategizing, scheming, and trash talking!  Sometimes I would even go as far as to ask my wife for advice on which player to pick.  She did what any woman would do – based her winning picks on how much she liked either their name, their uniform, or both!  This process started on Wednesday and ended the following Tuesday when that weeks final scores were tallied… so as you can see it was a bit of a time suck!

So this year I am limiting myself to 2 simple fantasy teams and only a few hours per week to complete the whole shebang.  Don’t worry… I’m still going to watch the games — what do you think I am, crazy?  But the majority of my time will continue to be delegated toward getting out of debt and writing articles and networking for the cause of passionate Debt Free Adventure!

What about you?  Are you sacrificing by taking a smaller role in Fantasy Football this year to accomplish a more important personal goal?

While you’re mulling that though over… enjoy this list of solid PF articles that caught my eye this week – and don’t forget to hurry up and pick your team before Sunday’s games! He he… I couldn’t resist.

This Weeks Articles of Personal Finance Wisdom…

  1. Top 25 Most Bada$$ Personal Finance Blogsby Jeremy of Australian Credit Card Finder
    Not necessarily an article of wisdom, but worth mentioning for 2 reasons.  The graphics are awesome, and DFA made the list!
  2. 42 Ways To Radically Simplify Your Financial Lifeby Baker of Man Vs. Debt
    I think Adam Baker was genetically engineered to be an elite creator of awesome and unique content… here is yet another example of the power with which he writes and delivers his articles.
  3. Five Lessons I Learned From My Own Frugal Dada guest post by Monevator on Frugal Dad
    Valuable nuggets of personal finance information passed down from one Frugal Dad to another.  This guest article is about cherishing family as much or more than it is about wise finances… we can never get too much of either.
  4. Why a Degree From a Fancy College Isn’t Worth Ita guest post by Neal Frankle of Wealth Pilgrim on Five Cent Nickel
    Any regular reader of DFA knows I prefer to think and LIVE outside the box… which is why I love this article by the unmatchable Neal Frankle.  Neal is a great man and a great writer, but not a great surfer… YET!  This article gives the reader solid reasons to rethink the supposed “best option” of enrolling into a 4 year University.
  5. Sweating the Big Stuffa guest post by Sierra Black of Child Wild on Get Rich Slowly
    A great post that gives a personal account of Big problems, Big decisions, and the Big returns that resulted.  This post is very motivational in nature… which I LOVE!
  6. Why You Need Renters Insurance And How Much It Costsby David of My Two Dollars
    Do you rent your living quarters?  Do you have renters insurance?  If you aren’t positive then you’re definitely going to want to check out this insightful post on the matter.  The cost is probably less than you think, and could save you a boat load in the long run!
  7. Personal Finance for Couples- How to Start the Finance Discussion With Your Significant Other?by Ray of Financial Highway
    The second article in a series of great articles touching on the ever-so-delicate subject of personal finance among couples!  My $0.02 is that God needs to be in the middle of this equation or trouble will most assuredly creep in!
  8. Get More Blog Subscribers with my Blog Success Manifesto (Free 62-page ebook!)by Erica of Erica.Biz
    Looking to start a blog to make some side hustle money?  Check out this thorough and insightful guide from an entrepreneur who has had a great deal of success herself.  It is always a good idea to learn success from successful people!  Oh yeah… did I mention this resource is FREE?  What are you waiting for – go get it.
  9. Thoughts on Laziness and Povertyby Joe of Personal Finance by the Book
    I love it when Christians address their own fleshly faults, admit their faults, then move to correct their faults and live a more transparent Christ-like life.  These are the exact steps Joe takes in this beautifully personal article.
  10. The ONE Thing You Must Do to Reach Your Financial Goalsby Jason of Redeeming Riches
    Now this is one personal finance staple that I never get tired of reading about!  The bold statement in Jason’s title is true by the way… so get over there & check out what he has figured out!

Thanks to the Personal Finance (PF) community for all of their encouragement, links, advice, & help along the way!

Enjoy your weekend… and don’t spend too much time picking your fantasy football team!

Like this article?  Here are 3 free ways to join the community and follow the progressSign up for email updates, Subscribe to my RSS feed, And/or follow me on Twitter.

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1 Ray @ Financial Highway

Thanks for the Link love! Have a great weekend!

2 Jason @ Redeeming Riches

Thanks Matt for including my post! I appreciate it. Keep up the great work at DFA!

3 Craig

I am in a fantasy football league for networking but have not really been into it in years. I used to be obsessed back in HS but too much conflict of interest for me so I do more spreads pickem leagues now.

4 Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

Does fantasy marching band count at all? 🙂

5 Shari

I recently found your post on fantasy football on 9/11/2008 – you gave me an idea I had to pass onto my public speaking professor; which he loved.
We are required to do an informative speech – I choose financial literacy as my topic. To keep the attention of my fellow students on my topic I thought I would like to use the game fantasy football.

My problem is I know nothing about either football or fantasy football if you could please give me some details on the game. Thank you

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