Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance – New Growth Edition – 7/18/2009

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New Growth

This weeks photo was inspired by the new growth in our freshly planted back yard coinciding with the new growth in the traffic here at Debt Free Adventure!

In my Weekly Wisdom posts I look to accomplish the following:

  1. Weekly round up of 5 or more articles that caught my attention & provide wisdom for my readers
  2. A list of places that have linked to my articles around the web
  3. Listing Personal Finance Carnivals for all to enjoy

Today is the New Growth edition of “Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance” inspired by our freshly planted back yard coinciding with the new growth in the traffic here at Debt Free Adventure.  I hope you enjoy…

This Weeks Articles of Personal Finance Wisdom…

  1. How to Setup Multiple Savings Accounts at Capital One 360by Prime Time Money
    The combination of setting savings goals, and using Capital One 360 to manage those savings goals was a magnificent 1 – 2 punch for my wife & I, and we confidently pass the wisdom on to you.  This referenced article is a great “how to” reminder/tutorial of how to utilize the great tools Capital One 360 offers.  Thanks PT.
  2. Investing For Income In 2009by Amateur Asset Allocator
    Kyle has put together a short list of mutual funds (mostly index funds) ideally positioned to yield attractive cash returns going forward.  They may not be the top-performing funds in any given year, but if passive income in the form of cash flow from your investments is what you’re in the market for, these funds will deliver.
  3. Free eBook: The Insider’s Guide To Frugal Food & Fitness!by Squawkfox
    Paying too much for healthy food at the grocery store is frustrating, and spending big bucks for a gym membership is expensive. That’s where this free 92-page eBook comes in.  Kerry has compiled a great list of delicious recipes, stunning photographs, & frugal fun in this 2nd edition of her eBook.  Did I mention it’s FREE for a limited time only?  So what are you waiting for?  Hurry up & get it!
  4. Credit Card Red Flags May Lower Your Credit Limitby Mrs Micah
    This article is a great reminder that credit card companies are watching our spending habits!  They are now using automated programs to monitor the types of places you use the card, and adjusting your credit accordingly.  Another reason why I’m a fan of cold, hard, cash!
  5. Professional Beggarsby Four Pillars
    Mr. Cheap begs the important questions (ha ha, couldn’t resist) – Do you donate money to charitable causes?  If you do, how do you ensure that your donation will be used effectively?  How do you pick where to donate?  Do you think it is reasonable for people to be paid for fund raising?  These are excellent questions that all of us need to be asking ourselves, especially considering the moral decay in our modern society; which seems to be increasing daily… right before our very eyes.

Matt Jabs & DFA around the web…

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Personal Finance Carnivals I was included in…

Thanks to the Personal Finance (PF) community for all of their encouragement, links, advice, & help along the way!

Enjoy your weekend…and spend wisely!

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1 Mrs. Micah

I agree, I’m a fan of cash or debit because it’s mine to do as I like with. I try to maintain my credit score by using it intentionally, that way I don’t have to worry about red flags, since my credit habits don’t change and don’t include red flag purchasing.

2 Matt Jabs

My spending habits do not contain “red flag spending” either. Do you know if debit cards are being tracked as credit cards are though? Since it’s still an electronic transaction…

3 Four Pillars

Thanks for the mention – glad to see that your site traffic and backyard are doing well!


4 PT Money

Thanks for sharing my article, Matt. I’m looking fwd to the savings adding up.

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