Weekly Wisdom – Scripture, Income, Priorities & More – 4/17/2009


Each week I post at least five helpful articles written by Christian personal finance authors from around the web. I pray the Lord uses these weekly posts to help others to draw others closer to Christ and closer to a debt free life.

This Weeks Helpful Articles…

  • Paul Williams from Provident Planning has put together an awesome resource for Personal Finance Bible Verses.  Each category and sub-category has the number of Scripture references and total verses listed next to it.  It is something you should definitely check out.  ~No Twitter account
  • Pat Flynn is dedicated to earning passive online income and has put together an excellent resource for our benefit entitled Passive Income Tools of the Trade where he gives a laundry list of the tools he used to help him earn almost $30,000 of online income in the month of March 2009 alone!  It is very important for us to diversify our income, and reading Pat’s blog will help you do just that!  ~@PatFlynn
  • John from Borrow From No One reminds us of the ever important fact that life is more than our possessions!  ~@bfnJohn
  • “Gibble” from Gather Little By Little gives us his Netflix Review for online movie rental.  I commented on his post and broke down how using Netflix is saving my wife & I an average of $50/month…check it out.  ~@glblguy
  • Bob from RCVogler.com gives us five useful tips on how not to participate in the recession.  ~@lcdrrn

My Thoughts…

The articles above are all from bloggers who seem to have a lot of passion in their respective interests.  I will be using each of their blogs as resources to help me financially and spiritually, and you can do the same!

Enjoy your weekend…and spend wisely!

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