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Yesterday we were very happy to release a new site design for DebtFreeAdventure!

We decided to go with the new design because we thought the old design was too busy & too congested.  It was a little hard to navigate and didn’t really provide a good user experience.  There were no solid focal points to draw the reader from place to place making it a little difficult to “take it all in.”

Our goal with the new site is to provide readers with a cleaner more user friendly interface, and to continue our focus on great content for reader enjoyment.  Of course we cannot solidify the changes, and truly provide the best experience unless you help us!

So go grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up & take a look around.  We have provided the following screen shots for your comparison…now all you have to do is tell us what you think!

Old DFA ScreenshotDFA Old Site Screenshot

New DFA Screenshot

New DFA Site Design

Do you like the new design better?  Why or why not?

Thank you all very much for your time & your comments, and thank you again for reading!  We pray that even one would be blessed by the content we provide, and hope you return often & comment frequently.  God bless.

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1 K-IntheHouse

Matt, the new look is definitely awesome! It’s clean, professional and sleek.

Wish you all the best with this new phase in DFA! 🙂

2 DebtFREEk!

Thanks for the feedback K, I truly hope this new design provides a better experience for my readers!

3 MoneyWise

Hey Matt!!
Thumbs up for the re-design.Looks classy and neat…The header logo and the financial goal chart in the sidebar looks awesome…
It sure will enhance the user experience;-)

4 DebtFREEk!

“…Looks classy and neat”

That is exactly what we were hoping for! Thanks GMW.

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