Pay Off Debt

Debt consolidation using peer lending

Consolidating several smaller debts into one lower rate loan can save you money and help you pay of debt faster with lower interest rates and fewer lenders.

I consolidated debt using Lending Club. Read my Lending Club Review for details – in summary I consolidated four high interest debts into one lower interest Lending Club loan.  I repaid over $11,000 in just 7 short months – which would’ve taken much longer without consolidating.

DIY debt management

If you need help organizing payments and determining which debt to pay first… check out DebtGoal. Before turning to a debt relief company, give the DebtGoal service a shot.  They are a solid DIY middle ground between self service debt management and full service debt management.

Get out of debt

Free Professional Debt relief analysis

I highly recommend this free professional debt relief analysis to help you get a handle on things.  This company rocks, and I endorse them with confidence.

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Debt advice to help you pay off debt

Do you need advice to help pay off debt, invest, give, do taxes, etc? It’s your lucky day… I am offering my personal finance advice to you completely free of charge.

Ask your question here and I will answer it for free and publish the answer to  Just as I’m sure to do in my own life, because the financial wisdom of the bible is greater than the financial wisdom of Matt Jabs, I will answer your question using bible principles.

I have also been in debt and am still fighting my own way out so I’ve been in your shoes and know how hard it can be, and I’m here to help however possible.

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