Simplify Your Financial New Years Resolutions

by Matt Jabs

New Year’s Resolutions are the easy part, but follow through wins the prize. Use these 3 tips to follow through on your Financial New Year’s Resolutions.

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High Return Investments for Low Income People

by Matt Jabs

5 high return investments you can implement easily and quickly to begin putting your money to work for you.

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When Does Compound Interest Kick-in?

by Matt Jabs
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Oftentimes piddly interest amounts earned can discourage investors and savers alike causing many to fore go saving altogether, opting instead to use their discretionary income on the here and now.

How can compound interest help us and how long will it take to “kick-in?”

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Understanding and Improving Cash Flow

by Guest Author

One of the more powerful concepts to understand in the matter of personal finance is cash flow. Most of us can easily tell the difference between being confident & comfortable with our finances versus struggling with our finances. Unfortunately, many people do not truly understand cash flow, nor do they grasp the crucial role it plays in regard to their own personal finances.

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Social Investing with Lending Club

by Matt Jabs

A review of social investing with Lending Club showing how I pick notes and earn high returns. Also included is a video tutorial for picking notes.

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Invest In Your Business

by Dallon Christensen

Investing money and resources in your business is essential for success. Be sure to pay yourself and save money, but always invest in your business!

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Should I Get Out of the Stock Market

by Mike Young

Stocks are often a long-term investment so the question “Should I get out of the stock market” needs to be considered carefully with a long-term view. You never want to be the person who buys high or sells low.

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Successful Peer to Peer Lending Investing

by Guest Author

Today we’ll reveal the single most important success factor for peer to peer lending investors.

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3 Ways to Get Started Investing with $1,000 or Less

by Guest Author
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People often ask me how to get started investing once they’ve paid off their high-interest debt. My usual answer: Open an IRA, and start building a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds. Here are 3 ways for the beginner to get started with investing…

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Lending Club Note Trading Platform – FOLIOfn

by Matt Jabs

Tips for using FOLIOfn, the Lending Club note trading platform for buyers and sellers – tutorial screencast included.

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Earn High Returns with Peer Lending

by Matt Jabs

Peer lending using either Lending Club or Prosper is paying investors excellent average returns of 10%… and I’m one of them!

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