Helpful and Free Online Calculators

by Guest Author

Anyone serious about saving money and better managing their personal finances can benefit from the use of these free online calculators.

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15 Ways to Reduce Core Expenses and Debt

by Guest Author

When struggling to emerge from debt it’s a good strategy to focus on ways to reduce core expenses so you can use the savings to pay off debt faster.

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My Testimony to the Tithe

by Matt Jabs

God promises that if we give He will bless us. While we should never give to receive a blessing, God is still faithful… here’s my story of His faithfulness.

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Grocery Hacks – How We Save Money on Groceries

by Matt Jabs

This is the story of how we reduced our grocery budget from $400/month down to less than $250/month! The other night we sat down — together — and compiled this list of 20 ways we have successfully reduced our grocery bill over the last 7 months.


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How Student Loan Interest is Calculated and Why it Varies from Month to Month

by Matt Jabs

Once I started tracking how much we pay in monthly interest toward each debt I noticed our student loan interest amounts varied quite a bit from month to month. So I set out to discover why…

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Understanding and Improving Cash Flow

by Guest Author

One of the more powerful concepts to understand in the matter of personal finance is cash flow. Most of us can easily tell the difference between being confident & comfortable with our finances versus struggling with our finances. Unfortunately, many people do not truly understand cash flow, nor do they grasp the crucial role it plays in regard to their own personal finances.

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How To Save Money (at least $100) Fast

by Matt Jabs

Today we challenge you to save money fast. Putting one or more of these tips into practice will allow you to save least $100 in 30 days.

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Legal Alternatives to Cable TV

by Matt Jabs
Thumbnail image for Legal Alternatives to Cable TV

We use these cable alternatives to lower our bills and stay entertained. Whether you have cable or satellite service, these alternatives will work.

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The Whole Armor of Personal Finance

by Matt Jabs
Thumbnail image for The Whole Armor of Personal Finance

Ephesians 6:10-18 outlines a powerful and encouraging passage of scripture that deals with The Whole Armor of God. In it Paul reminds the reader that the Christian battle is not one of flesh and blood, but of principalities, powers, the rulers of this world, and wickedness in high places.

I CANNOT help but read this and liken it to our battle against debt, advertising, wantonness, and the war to gain control over our personal finances.

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Energy Saved is Money Earned

by Miles Williams

Use these energy saving tips to reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses. Saving energy is good for the environment and good for your wallet.

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Surviving the Holidays Without Credit Cards

by Guest Author

Many people avoid high interest credit card trouble until the holiday season. Use these tips to survive Christmas and Thanksgiving without debt!

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